Dr Deaths: Is Dr Tamsir Mbowe Guilty?

mboweHistory is full of medically trained Doctors who killed in helping ruthless tyrants stay in power or achieve their goals. In apartheid South Africa, doctors are said to play a major part in secret killings.

However, Kairo News has recently been alerted at the daring bravado of a conventional medical trained Doctor in the person of Tamsir Mbowe who has been assisting and continues to assist President Jammeh in his so-called infertility treatments.

There are claims that Dr Mbowe is assisting in the slow death of women who seek pregnancy, considering his role in aiding and abetting in the administration of dangerous herbal concoctions. Dr Tamsir Mbowe who is considered an intelligent man has sacrificed all the medical ethics by openly working with Yahya Jammeh and in the process cause pains and hardship for vulnerable and helpless women. The issue now is that Dr Mbowe cannot say he is not aware of the fact that herbal mix – whose chemical contents are not known – has become a silent killer. Has he any excuse – genuine or flimsy – to make us convince he has not betrayed his profession, country and people?

Kairo News advises Dr Mbowe to desist from carrying on giving a medical face to an unproven, untested dangerous herbal concoction capable of causing irreparable loss to the lives of our sisters and would-be mothers. If Dr Mbowe carries on, his name may in the future be added to the list of scandalous medical doctors who kill. Dr Mbowe, abandon President Jammeh’s infertility treatment.

List of Doctors who killed:

Wouter Basson (born 1950), South African cardiologist and former head of the country’s secret chemical and biological warfare project known as Project Coast, during the Apartheid era

  • James Grigson(1932–2004), American psychiatrist who testified in more than 100 trials that resulted in death sentences
  • Aribert Heim(1914–1992), Austrian doctor and one of the world’s most wanted Nazi war criminals
  • Jack Kevorkian(1928–2011), American physician who assisted terminally ill people to commit suicide during the 1990s
  • Josef Mengele(1911–1979), German doctor and also an infamous Nazi war criminal, also known as the “Angel of Death”
  • Philip Nitschke(born 1947), Australian physician who campaigned for legal assisted suicide and subsequently assisted four people in doing so
  • Maxim Petrov(born 1965), Russian doctor and serial killer
  • Pornthip Rojanasunand(born 1955), Thai forensic pathologist
  • Harold Shipman(1946–2004), British general practitioner and most prolific serial killer in British history



  1. Dr. Tamsir Mbowe is a very good man,many Gambians can testify to the good he has done for many people.Not all of us can leave The Gambia and stay abroad,life has given him lemons and I for one would definitely not blame him for making lemonade.It is a travesty to compare him to psychopaths,killers, etc you listed above.This guy worked hard all his life,from GHS sixth form to the former Soviet Union,he struggled and earned everything he got from the sweat of his brow.I respect him,his bravery and thank him for his sacrifices for the African people of The Gambia.
    Tamasira take heart do not mind these sick detracors.

    • Ousman Jane, you, Tamsir Mbow and the junglers of Yaya Jammeh are the WORST people Gambia has ever produce. At least we know the people the junglers have killed over the years but how MANY innocent people have been silently killed by Yaya Jammeh with the certification and assistance of Tamsir Mbow.
      Tamsir Mbow whom I will never confer a MD tittle is the most DANGEROUS silent KILLER helper as guilty as Yaya Jammeh.
      We have many honorable medical doctors in the Gambia who would NEVER condone, approve or assist what this criminal Tamsir Mbow is doing to Gambians taking them to Jammeh for mass poisining.
      No medical Institution the world over have given Jammeh’s poisinous concoctions a medical clean bill.
      Shame on you and Tamsir Mbow.

  2. If he is a killer or collaborating with the regime to Kill innocent victims, he is as guilty as Yaya Jammeh or anybody else. It doesn’t matter whether they struggled for their education or helping others. Please let us stop giving excuses for people who know better. Dr. Mbowe’s profession requires that he saves lives, behave ethically and avoid anything that will cause harm to the professional. He is no different from any of those doctors mention above. We will hunt him anywhere he is at and will face justice in front of his victims just like Dictator Jammeh.

  3. People have to be accountable for what they do. If Dr Mbowe continues to work with Yaya Jammeh’s bogus treatments, he should face the music just like anyone else. The law will be applied equally and nobody will be spare. What nice guy? Tell that to the judges in ICC.

  4. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Hmmm, difficult one this. I remember getting herbal treatment as a child in my remote village. Apparently it work – otherwise I wouldn’t be here. Even today, Western firms are all over the World’s forests collecting herbs for their Western medical laboratories. THE FACT IS THAT HERBS ARE MEDICINAL – that is a scientifically proven fact.

    I think the issue here is political – in that Dr Mbowe is being seen as evil because he works with President Jammeh – not because he works with herbs per se.

    Whereas I did have scepticism about the HIV issue even after the President had explained it to me personally, I think there is great mileage in herbs being used for medicinal purposes.

    The comparisons with Apartheid and Nazi doctor-killers is a tad exaggerated.

    • Thank you,blind hatred don’t solve problems,we don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time,The Chinese Nobel Prize winner, I think its for medicine,got the cure or the medicine for malaria,originally from traditional Chinese herbal medicine.Talk is cheap I GUESS.

      • @Jesse, talk however might be cheap but, debate on a national predicament might not be as cheap as you think. I will tell you that there are more chinese pioneers in medicine and even technology than you can believe. A Chinese invented the first fire arm according to many historians belief and so they are a people known to be strivers in experiments, discoveries, test and trials in things that they think can embetter their lifes. Ancient Chinese healers practise in a much more transparent and an apolitical environment I guess…Who knows how cheap TALK is??………I don’t know but ‘sentimentalism’ and ’emotionalism’ are very cheap for this matter.

    • That is why pharmacists down where you live, can buy every root and tree bark and directly stock it in their pharmacies without an institutional medical research and test carried out on them. After all how many medicines have a herbal origin or relation? No one refutes herbal medicine’s benefits in our rural lifes but to be administered at statal level, Gambians could be much more proud if research results from such herbs come from university medical faculties and institutes
      @Luntango, you definitely can provoke a foul play of bad writing. Thats not so bad a thing after all we know that we need a little spark to start a flame.

  5. I am not sure about comparisons with sedistic killer doctors like Harold Shipman and Josef Mengele, but I think people are justified to raise questions about Dr Mbowe’s association with Jammeh’s herbal and/or other treatments.

    I do not even think the mentioning of these doctors has any relevance to The Gambia, in view of the case being highlighted here.

    What would have been more relevant, in my opinion, is the list of those people who may have died or suffered irreparable injuries, as a result of this herbal treatment.

    The editors should endeavour to secure such a list because we may be dealing with crimes of immense proportions here, in.addition to the many others.

  6. My- in-law..

    I don’t think any sane person that grew up in Africa would question the medicinal values of herbs, even without scientific validation. Herbs are a part of our cultures and ways of life and will remain so to the end.

    Unfortunately, many people today are unable to see anything Gambian outside of politics and so they politicise everything, but the association of Dr Mbowe with this treatment programme, is not about politics and should never be policised..It is also not about his character and personality and should not be reduced to such..

    It is about upholding the high standards, values and ethics of his chosen profession…

    It is about giving a medical face to a fraudulent and farcical charade of a treatment, whose effectiveness has never been tested or verified independently. (Those who give it the “thumps up” may be under pressure to do so)

    It is also about partaking in the administration of secretive concoctions, whose ingredients are unknown; whose preparations are unsupervised and whose medicinal values are very,very doubtful..(and I will explain why later )

    I have no doubt that Dr Mbowe will be sanctioned if he lived in any country where a professional medical body exists, that enforces upholding of standards and ethics of their profession.

    Dr Mbowe may be a good person; he.may be a good doctor; he may be hardworking; he may have struggled very hard for his qualifications but he has failed to uphold the professional and ethical standards of his profession, and should take full responsibility for the consequences of his actions..As well as be held to account where the need arises in the future…For me, that is the issue and nothing else..

  7. Editor, you can add the name of Dr Tamsir Mbowe to the shameful list doctors who killed. Apart from the gross medical malpractice he is engaged in with Jammeh’s so called fertility clinic, Dr mbowe is also alleged to have administered sedative to the nine prisoners who were unlawfully executed by Jammeh in 2012. This sedation facilitated the execution of the victims by avoiding the commotion that would have occurred.

    Nothing less can be expected from Luntango. Since his role is to try to trivialize the enormity of Jammeh’s crimes, his BLAH BLAH about herbal medicine is of no significance.

    Administering secretive and noxious portions, often forcibly to citizens, and using state authority and resources is a crime that Gambians will never forgive or forget. Anyone aiding and abetting such a crime must be held to account. Even more seriously, a certified professional who participates to give legitimacy to such crimes is unforgivably damnable.

    I end with condolences to the family of the late Landing Jallow sonko

  8. I believe Jammeh is a fraud and his claim of possessing knowledge and power to traditional healing is nothing but a grand, elaborate and daring farce.

    Jammeh is merely using the name of the real traditional healers in Kaninlai, to perpetrate his farce on The Gambian people. It is even doubtful whether he comes from that family as there is said to be two Jammeh families in Kaninlai.

    In any case, it is obvious to all who know the traditions of such traditional healing families, that the man is a fraud.

    I come from the greater Faji Kunda area, with several communities, one of which is the Jola settlement of Bajonkoto village.

    There in Bajonkoto, lives the family of the late Pa Ansumana Badjie, a great and well renowned traditional healer, herbalist, fracture specialist and a male circumciser.

    When.we were young and growing up, that compound was always full of boys and young men, but only one was involved in the practise and that was his own son.. (I.dont want to name him but anyone who grew up in that area knew him). He was very young (about 10/12) and still in.primary school when.the old man died.

    The custody of the tradition passed over to an adopted son of the old man, but the young boy was a household name even at that time..He took over as the traditional healer soon after he finished secondary school or may even have discontinued his education (I’m not sure).There was no doubt about his knowledge in herbs and traditional healing, especially with fractures.

    The point is this : Yaya Jammeh, until 1994, has never been known to either possess any knowledge of healing or engage in any traditional healing practices.

    It is impossible that one who possessed such knowledge, especially if passed down through family tradition, would not have been identified and known much earlier than 1994. Yaya Jammeh was almost 30yrs in 1994…Impossible that he could not have been known before then, if his claim is genuine.

    Without any history of herbal knowledge and practice prior to 1994, it is very doubtful whether the concoctions he gives his patients have any medicinal values.

    I am convinced that Yaya Jammeh is a fraud and his only motivation for engaging in this farce, is to mystify himself, which has been his modus operandi from day one..

    • Bax you speak for me. I know Jammeh organizes his so called “Futampaf” simply to attract healers and magicians and thereby buys their knowledge and concoctions and later claims them to be his inventions. Many soldiers know about this SCAM of Jammeh.
      Jammeh is simply a fraudster, a mystifier, a liar and a political propagandist and Tamsir Mbowe a selfish individual who cares for nothing but the dirty monies and cheap friendship of a stupid and idiotic dictator.
      The MRC a medical research instititution in the Gambia never approve of Jammeh’s HIV cure lies.

  9. Ousmane Jane , if your mother or sister was a victim of Dr Mbowe’s unprofessional medical ethics , would you come here and claimed he is very good Man ? Put yourself in the position of those innocent victims who lost their lives in the hands of Dr Mbowe and his Master . Dr Mbowe is very aware that Jammeh is lying about his cure of Hiv AIDS and other diseases but because of his selfish interest he continue to violate medical ethics to kill people . The mere fact he embark on helping idiotic Dictator to deceive ignorance people about treatments which are not proven should result to him facing competent courts and suspension of his license. The problem in our health care sector is that we have some greedy individuals who are looking after their personal interest but not the interest of the patients and their families . There is no sufficient regulation or standard of practice which healthcare professionals should follow in The Gambia . The actions of Dr Mbowe are negligence , abuse , malpractice and violation of Standard of medical practice. Dr Mbowe lack compassion , empathy , love and sympathy to care for those who truly needs medical care.
    Dida , the problem with Dr Mbowe is not only working with Jammeh but also supported the lies and abuse perpetrated by Jammeh. There are many people like Dr Mbowe who continue to kill people in The Gambia either for DIctator Jammeh or due to medical malpractice.
    Ousman sane , if you think his education is meant to deceive people , then you don’t know the value of education . Dr Mbowe is part of so called educated idiots who continue to abuse , loot and take advantage of people . Ramifications of Jammeh’s unethical , lies and false narratives of his so called breakthrough is having a big negative impact on health delivery accessibility, prevention and promotion of health education of communicable diseases. Jammeh’s lies about Hiv AIDS leads to risky sexual behavior in The Gambian youths especially in foni where Hiv AIDS is most prevalent . These result to increase mortality and serious economic hardship for infected individuals and their families . I am sure in your myopic mind , you never thought of implications of Dr Mbowe support to such reckless behaviors of his master Dictator Jammeh . Again if your sister or mother was infected with hiv AIDS and Jammeh falsely pretended to be curing her , how would you feel about that ? I think some you idiot needs to be asked personal question so that you will have better understanding that while you are singing praise of idiotic dictator , there are Gambian families who are also suffering . I do not want my parents or family members to suffer that is why I don’t wish that for anyone .

  10. This fraud of a doctor charged my family D60,000 to supposedly operate on a patient terminally ill with uterine cancer. The lady passed away soon as he laid his scalpel on her. He is not a trained oncologist, has no freaking clue about cancer, but has the gumption to ask for payment. I found out a tad too late, after a partial payment was already made.

    How can I, sitting in my comfort the USA convince the hopeless in The Gambia that this guy was a fraud and was taking them to the cleaners. I stood no chance.

    I can’t wait for the day that I will get my chance to confront him and settle scores with him.

  11. Luntango Suun Gann Gi

    Mohammed, my sympathies. It is verifiable statements of fact like yours that are important. It is statements like yours that enable Medical Standards Boards to make “fitness to practice” judgements on a doctor.

    If in fact the good doctor is not an oncologist, and he did in fact claim to be one, it is dangerous indeed for him to have acted as one – if he did.

    The big scandal in Nairobi today is that of FAKE doctors with FAKE Western university degrees on their wall. Many were arrested last week – and a “gynaecologist” is on trial for the rape of many of his patients.

    It is indeed fraud to claim to be what one is not. It is criminal if that fraud endangers life. Of course, from a purely legal perspective, I am making no judgements about Dr Mbowe and the claim you make against him (and to be fair he is also entitled to a defence) but I sympathise with the suffering and death of your loved one (May she RiP).

    Maybe there are many others out there with similar tales to yours and a “mountain” of evidence may build up against the good doctor. But again from a purely legal perspective it is accepted that deaths on the operating table are a normal part of a doctor’s life – and a doctor can only be held accountable if negligence is proved.

    PS: A Jamaican friend here in London is asking me to help her sue the National Health Service for the death of her 80 yr old mum. I am not going to help her because I think the NHS looked after her mother well for many years and the lady had a good long life for which my friend should be grateful.