Thank you, “former UTG employee” wishing to “inform the world about dubious activities of Dr Omar Jah and his camp at UTG”.

The Watchman is indeed here to expose “dubious activities” at our institutions to ensure public trust is maintained.

Your allegations against the UTG can be summarised as follows:-

That Morro Krubally, facility manager at UTG is going round to convince some members of staff to sign a petition that he and Jah conjured up in order for UTG Council to fire the Director of Finance Kojo. This is a total display of the lack of knowledge of UTG grievance handling procedure.

That Krubally has been appointed by professor (Kah) without following the due process as per UTG conditions of services. Krubally’s appointment interview panel “so-called” because its composition was a husband and wife panel where the former was the chairman and the latter the secretary by virtue of the fact the she was the director of HR at UTG.

That Kah and Jah “practice a sea of maladministration.”

That Morro Krubally was never interviewed when he was given the job at UTG … before Council entertain the so-called petition prepared by Morro Krubally, they should know that the man is illegally on the payroll of UTG and he is therefore not a bona fide UTG staff.

That the Council acceding to the petition to remove Kojo the Finance Director will set a bad precedence: Jah or anybody could be the next.

That reports from UTG have it that Morro Krubally got another employment at one of the Ministries or some other place. If true, this is a serious breach of the instruments governing UTG. So the Governing Council should investigate this issue.

That reports have it that Jah even travelled without getting clearance from State House.

The Watchman welcomes comments and rejoinders, certainly from those who feel unfairly maligned by allegations – and also from those who may feel that the allegations are well found! Let us safeguard our public institutions and offices.

Thank you.


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