Gambian Cultural Film Maker Talks To Kantora Elders

Pa Njie, a Gambian based in Sweden, is a leading cultural documentary film-maker on Gambian heritage for the past 10 years. His work on traditional music, cultural dance, drama and educative plays in villages have become a bedrock on his filmmaking. In this one-hour video documentary, Pa Njie and his One Gambia camera crew traveled to the ancient village of Kassi Kunda in Kantora, where they interview elders on the rich history of the region. Not many Gambian media facilities focus on exposing our rich cultures and heritage. However, Pa Njie is a rare breed in the Gambian documentary scene. Enjoy the work of one of our own cultural anchormen.

Gambian Film Maker Pa Njie



  1. Wonderful and noble. Abarika

  2. Thank you for the good work on culture and enlightenment. No effort is small and this will go a long way towards creating an understanding as to how societies evolve over the years.Thinks its a typo, Kassi Kunda is in Kantora not Wulli.

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