Gambia's Attempted Coup Energises Casamance Rebels

MFDCThe failed military attack on State House in Banjul has reportedly energised the rebels fighting for the cessation of Southern Senegalese province of Casamance.

The Movement for Democratic Forces of Casamance had been waging war in Southern Senegal since early 80s.

“The almost dormant rebel movement headed by Salif Sadio regrouped and held meeting as soon as news emerged that President Jammeh was about to be overthrown through force,” rebel sources confirmed to our roving correspondent just back from Foni in Casamance.

“The rebels were on standby until it became clear that the attempted coup was thwarted. They were ready to launch counterattacks if State House had fallen,” our correspondent added. “The rebels’ action will demonstrate their undivided loyalty to President who they see as their Godfather.”

Gambian President had throughout denied providing support to Casamance rebels some of whose members have been residing in the Gambia, holding the country’s diplomatic passports or working in the country. President Jammeh’s huge influence over the rebels also tells a different story.



  1. Since the failed coup, the senegalese media was reporting that Salif Sadio renewed his threathning diatribe to the Senegalese government. He gave two news media interviews saying; it is either the ongoing discussion with San Eglio going his way or the machine gun. From his new rebelious stands one is inclined to see Jammeh’s unhappiness with Macky Sall.
    What these casamance donkeys don’t realize is that the next action on Jammeh will not spare his life.

  2. We will be ready and waiting as Gambians after getting done with Jammeh.We know they are there, ready, and willing to fight a fight that is not their fight.We must warn them to stay off, for this is Gambian problem. Nosy fat noses.Bring it on.

  3. MFDC rebels in kanilai & other areas in Kombo, Foni & Cassamace will feel threatened for their very survival & financial sustainability lies with their chief kanilai Satan Lucifer or lblisa….spearheading the Cassamance intifada…. Evil Yaya Jammeh bankrolls MFDC & have led many endeavours; the Lagos intercepted Iranian weapons cache shipment concealed “building materials” addressed to Kanilai Family Farm at State House, Banjul which the Iranians reported were amongst many arm deliveries to MFDC Syndola…. Some of these weapons qualified MFDC weapons used to murder the Senegalese civilians & security ambushed by rebels….. The Gambia is for Gambians & our friends & well-wishers & anyone who wants to contribute to the progress of the nation….not bandits with a cause, robbing us… Evidence shows Yaya jammeh is EVIL for REAL, his wasteful embezzling, squandering & selfish aggrandisement on our meagre resources of state & his MURDEROUS instincts in particular, based on lies whilst murdering innocent citizens who muttered word of concern on our affairs of state WILL stop…. No rebel can stop that. With our collective resolve our driving force & focus, yaya jammeh will be history, sooner…

  4. It would be the worst miscalculation of the Casamance Rebels to defend Yaya Jammeh, when the Gambians want to get rid of him, this could create an all out war in region, and frankly speaking, the Jolas will be the most victims of all, therefore, my humbly advice to them is to stay away from this struggle, it meant to us, Yaya Jammeh and his killer, regardless of their tribal identity. Yaya Jammeh of Foni Kaninlai is not representing neither the Jolas nor any other tribes, he is there for himself, his wife and children. Be mindful my fellow Jola brothers and sisters. Your president is an evil person and nothing you can do about it, he has to go by all means necessarily.

  5. These bloody and senseless rebels want to to ignite a tribal war but they fail to realise that they are the minority in West Africa. They take pride in their jujus but they shall learn an unforgettable lesson if they try to invade Gambia. All the tribes will stand together and eliminate these divisive and blood thirsty gang of rebels.
    They should be warned, Gambian tribes are so integrated and is a strength that gel us together for so long. You can find many people in the Gambia with different ethnic parents and spouses. Sometimes you can hardly make difference between Gambian jolas and mandinkas who share same names and surename, often in the same kabilas sharing everything from Land to leadership rights.
    A little spark can set the whole of Gambia, cassamance, Kaabu, Pakau, Guineas and Mali in flame. May Allah save and protect our long prosperous and harmonious relationship which we existentially consolidated since time immemorial.

  6. The Gambia is and has been a safe haven for those rebels. Jammeh knows this and he wants that way, because it is very very strategic and we all know that too. We will now start making the Gambia a safe “hell” for them. We will start sabotaging their chain of command/leadership. They will be the news in 3 months. We are Gambians, small but dangerous.. GIB.. One last thing, who is captain Musa Savage at the statehouse? Matter of fact Alhagie Jaja Nyass was trying to ram the state house gate from the inside, not from the outside as claimed by the government. Why not the Gambia government show us a picture of the door? The CCTV will tell you everything if only it is available, which I highly doubted..The question that remains is, who lured Lt.col. Sanneh and his team into the gates of statehouse and summarily executed them, and make it look like a gun fight? The truth will eventually reveal itself. RIP COMRADES…