That Serves You Right!


By Ebou Gaye

That serves you right!

It is gratifying to hear that you have once again been denied the chance to head your club,

Thereby paving the way for a relatively new member,

Despite the fact that you have been a member for quite a long time,

Vying for the post with great aspiration and expectation

Granting you the opportunity would be a grave mistake on the part of your counterparts,

For you are not the least qualified to head the club,

Given your vulgar, undiplomatic language,

Compounded by your poor human rights record and dictatorial tendencies,

And serious deficiency in charisma, wisdom, vision and discipline


That serves you right!

Your rejection is a tremendous devastating, humiliating blow to you,

But a victory to human rights defenders, champions of democracy and your innumerable victims and their loved ones

Giving you the honour of heading the club would mean condoning, endorsing and encouraging injustice and mischief

The fact that you continue to fail for almost two decades in your bid to head the club speaks volumes about your misconduct and misdeeds

It shows that the international community is getting more and more acquainted with you as a villain, a misfit and an undesirable element that should be filtered out without further delay,

After you have proven yourself as a sadist and an oppressor,

And transformed yourself into an object of ridicule and a laughing stock


That serves you right!

Allowing you to head the club would do more harm than good to your compatriots in particular and humanity at large

It would be an insult to your oppressed compatriots and a mockery to democracy

Besides, it would send wrong signals to the world by projecting you as a good person or giving you undue publicity


Keep it up!


One Comment

  1. Mr Gaye job well done. You have said all, nothing to add. How can a killer lead a club? if he is mad, Ecowas leaders are not mad.