Jammeh: A Tapeworm In Senegal’s Stomach


By Ousainou Mbenga

Aside from the above metaphor, Jammeh is indeed a two – headed tapeworm, one sucking Gambian blood, the other slowly eroding the bowels of its secondary host –Senegal – by inflaming Casamance, the southern region of Senegal. In addition, the escalating uncertainty at the neocolonial borders instigated by the desperate despot is of equal concern to us. It is a historical fact, that all tyrants, on the brink of their demise resort to the “rule or ruin” mentality, the more reason we should be organized to preempt Jammeh’s reactionary intentions.

As it has been evident until recently, Jammeh was the only one gaining “unhealthy weight” in the country while the rest of us wallowed in stress, hunger and premature deaths. This is the typical nature of a parasite; it latches securely onto your bowels never doing any work but eats all your food and you wonder why you never gain healthy weight. As Sohna Sallah puts it: “Jammeh has become a public health hazard to the Gambia”…….

If anyone doubts the “rule or ruin” mentality that Jammeh is riding on, consider his recent buffoonery and ranting to his despicable cabinet agreeing to his ill-informed plans to adopt a local language as the medium of instruction in schools. Not only is this numbskull a “public health hazard”, he is toxic to reasoning. This is “neocolonial radicalism” at its best. He mud slings the “colonialists” in public to win the questionable sympathy of the easily swayed but suck-up to these same colonialists behind closed doors. It takes more than his drunken temper tantrums to elevate a local language into a medium of instruction. He deliberately undermined the foundation upon which a local language could have been elevated to a scientific operational level and a medium of instruction. No wonder his mis-education system reflects the composition of AFPRC – AFPRC and the general attitude of the population.

Besides, Jammeh’s barbaric actions against Gambia have disqualified him from the honorable sons of Africa worthy of being a “liberator”. No amount of praise singing by any opportunistic – parasitic artists, the likes of Thione Seck, Ouza Diallo, Coumba Gawlo, Sekou Ba Bambino and our own Jalibaa Kouyateh can induct Jammeh into the “Hall of African Liberators”. Ouza Diallo’s statement that “we are being manipulated by the west” exemplifies the folly of the easily swayed by whim” pan –Africanists” who aggressively defend the tyranny of the neocolonial state such as the Jammeh regime as being anti – imperialist. The great Kwame Nkrumah helped us deepened our understanding in his “Neocolonialism the last stage of imperialism”.

As for Ibou Ndour of the Prince Art Record label, we know the profit margin is what drives you and your brother,but we want to remind your short memory of Youssou’s stance during the apartheid era when he refused to participate in any activity related to that repressive system. And during the Iraq crisis, he refused to play in the USA as a protest against the eminent attack on Iraq based on false information. During the Central African Republic (CAF) crisis, Youssou made an open statement to the regime to exercise restrain towards the masses. To you and your brother, the problems of your recording industry are more important than the plight of Gambians but remember you represent only a handful of Senegalese in the larger scheme of things. The vast majority of our Senegalese brothers and sisters are equally as fed –up as we are with the status –quo, therefore, are our most reliable allies in this struggle to uproot the Jammeh regime. No group of praise singing artists and enablers of tyrants can stop this momentum or distract our attention. Our eyes are on the prize: FREEDOM!

It is of great importance for us to separate and clearly distinction between Gambia, the country and Jammeh, the verminous – tapeworm. The significance of this approach is to precisely ISOLATE the vermin-tapeworm while preserving the integrity of our beloved Gambia and Senegal.

Again; there is going to be only one fight in our beloved Gambia, all of us against Jammeh. All of his hangers –on and willfully ignorant support base are mere nuisance, once they smell the purgative (medicine) we have begun to administer, the majority will not wait to experience the revolutionary colonic irrigation that is about to flush the vermin –tapeworm regime out of the bowels of our beloved Gambia.

With all due respect to our religious compatriots, prayers alone will never do the trick. In addition to prayers, we must give him “a taste of his own medicine” and on top of that our own revolutionary medicine (Nandal). And then once and for all; never be infected with such a parasite.

On the Senegalese front, where the other head of the tapeworm is stuck on, our unrelenting disobedience and exposure of Jammeh’s horrors, has elevated the consciousness of our brothers and sisters to an impressive height. What was missing is the knowledge of who Jammeh really is. We were confident that once this knowledge is attained, a change of hearts and minds will happen. “Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave” (FD).

The “Jammeh myth” has been further demolished. Everything about him is now above the radar, held up to scrutiny. We opened up the flood gates; nothing can return the water or hold it back. We have touched the hearts and minds of special artists, intellectuals and the masses in Senegal. A genuine and principled SeneGambia is in the making, let’s build, protect and defend it against all forms of tyranny.


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