The Beginning Of Jammeh’s End

bamo-darboeIt is an indisputable fact that every success begins as a dream. However, what makes one success different from another stems from the effort, commitment, sacrifice, time, determination and the ability to harness weakness into strength. Greatness can, on the other hand, be achieved through self-consciousness and being aware of your surrounding: taking into account of minute details which complete the obvious. For instance, if you want to understand a prevailing circumstance, you need to first assess its origin. In simpler terms, to understand today, one needs to know yesterday. Equipped with such knowledge, one can make possible prediction of what tomorrow will likely be. This brings to mind what a sheikh recently said to me. He said what most leaders particularly those who overstayed their welcome is they never shift the position of their seat to see a different side of their office. He went on to assert if perhaps they occasionally change the position of their seats, they will notice one or two new things which may reshape their thoughts or leadership. I could not agree more with him. talking about leaders who outstayed their welcome, President Jammeh sprang in my mind’s eye instantly.

The warnings of his imminent end are all over the walls yet he neither sees nor hears. Perhaps, he is battling with arrogance of seer ignorance. A quick journey down the struggle lane against his tyranny will reveal that at first, most people who make comments on the online media did it in the cover of darkness. Pen names were used and the language very aggressive and obscene. Similarly, it was often a handful of men who would come out in the open to put President Jammeh on the spotlight.

Anyone who was brave to put his name on anything questioning or challenging President Jammeh was branded a “bad citizen” and “enemy of progress”. Such brave and good citizens were unduly critised and called all kinds of obscene names one can think of. It almost appeared that President Jammeh was no long the perpetrator of gross violations on Gambians but those who exposed his disregard for rule of law and fundamental human rights. For a while it gave Jammeh a respite.

Today many Gambians have come to terms with the realities in the Gambia. Many of us who were in denial have now recognised and accepted the fact that Jammeh is Gambia’s problem and his end time is here. The signals are obvious. Our sisters, wives, mothers and aunties who have been abused by Jammeh are now belting the cat and openly sharing their ordeal with everyone. Most kingdoms were brought down on their knees by women. And for Jammeh his female victims are now talking. More and more people are now realising that for too long Jammeh has being allowed to let loose by us and the moment has come to interrupt his abuse. Tyranny is like a virus whose effect spread from one person to another and to curb it, one has to interrupt and expose it. Furthermore, most of the ex-service men and women in exile were quiet but now most of them are talking and even formed a group to take on Jammeh.

Another significant sign detailing the end of Jammeh is his constant contradictory and poor judgement of international relation. For example, the withdrawal of the Gambia from the Commonwealth of Nation and recently opting to drop English as his government official language is a result of his poor judgement as a Leader. Both decisions have adverse consequences on each and every Gambian whether you are a Jammeh diehard or sworn enemy.

Jammeh’ unflinching and baseless accusation of the West of destabilizing his government is only alienating him more and more from his allies. Suffice it to say when the worst comes, he will have no hiding place as he had made so many enemies that he cannot even remember who his friends are. It is about time that his loved ones tell him the truth: his time is up.

Babucarr Darboe

Chelmsford, Essex, UK

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