GDAG Cheers Opposition Acquittal

SoloNorth Carolina based Gambia Democratic Action Group (GDAG) has applauded the acquittal of the Youth Secretary of the main opposition United Democratic Party. Solo Sandeng’s acquittal and discharge by the Brikama Magistrate’s Courts on Monday followed his illegal arrest and detention without trial for nine days. Solo’s only crime – if there were any – was to organize a youth conference in which dozens of the ruling APRC youths cross-carpeted to the opposition.

“Gambia Democratic Action Group applauds the acquittal of Mr. Ebrima Solo Sandeng of the of the United Democratic Party of the Gambia West Africa of charges stemming from allegations by Gambia’s law enforcement that that Mr. Sandeng gave false information to a public officer and for holding a political meeting without a valid permit,” GDAG writes in a press release. The group said the bogus and politically motivated charges were instigated by APRC militants and executed by unscrupulous law enforcement officers.

GDAG had earlier denounced the government’s onslaught against members of the UDP.

The group, headed by Mr. Alkali Conteh, calls on the “Jammeh government to drop all charges and/or release all political prisoners, such as Amadou Sanneh, the Madiana 14 and Bai Mass Kah.” GDAG also wants the Gambia government “to cease the atrocities subjecting the people of the Gambia to, and allow citizens of the Gambia to exercise their God given rights – rights to assembly and free speech.”

Also warned by GDAG were the Gambia’s law enforcement agents. The group urges them “to stay neutral and not allow themselves to be drag into party politics and be used as agents of witch hunting against opposition elements by the APFRC Government and militants.”


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