Special Gambian Kids Independence In UK

The Association Coventry will celebrate the 49th Independence of the Gambia on the 22 of February 2014, Saturday from 4pm to 9pm at 50 Freehold Street, CV1 5BH, the Coventry social club in Hillfields on the same road as the Jalabad Mosque, not far from the Petrol station.

We have invited two distinguished Gambian scholars, Dr Momodou Sallah of De-Montford University is an award winning Gambian educator, a dynamic and versatile speaker, he has huge experience in youth engagement and empowerment and Dr Lamin J Darboe a Barrister was a Magistrate in the Gambia, a man imbued with legal knowledge, a prolific writer on Gambian legal and constitutional affairs.

Dr. Sallah will talk on youth Empowerment, how to empower our youths in being productive citizens. Dr Lamin J Darboe (LJD) will talk on ‘Dual Citizenship and the meaning of Gambia’s independence to children born of Gambian parents in United Kingdom.’

The event will put our children in the forefront of understanding themselves and their heritage as Gambians, but also as British. How they can be productive in both the United Kingdom and the Gambia. Refreshments will be served. We will aim to give chance to children (Pa Salieu Gaye will lead the kids) 15 minutes presentation on their understanding of the Gambia, the impressions they have of the country. All Gambians in Coventry, Birmingham and surroundings are duly invited.


Alieu Conteh (Organizing Committee)


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