Gambia’s Result-oriented Diplomat

When Burama Sanneh was appointed a Gambian diplomat in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a lot of eyebrows were raised, with many people questioning why this political genuis gifted with the mastery of words would venture into a wrong field. There was opposition in both the camps of the governing National People’s Party and the opposition. Most people described Fabou’s appointment as a blunder which would boomerang negatively on the NPP grassroots politics.

The Kiang Batelling Nyancho heard it all but decided not to waste his energy on a response. His strategy was to Walk the Talk and allow the result to Speak for Itself. As a pragmatic loyalist to the spirit of nation building, Fabou is set for his mission to serve his country and her people with sincerity and due diligence. His goal was to add meaning and flavour to the Gambia’s diplomatic business in Saudi Arabia. It didn’t take long for Gambians to blow Fabou’s trumpet. How he had mobilised human and material resources to evacuate Gambian students from the war torn Sudan remains on the lips of Gambians.

In July this year, Mr. Sanneh was praised for standing up for Gambian pilgrims at Jeddah Airport.

Gambian historian Dembo Fatty, who described Fabou a NYANCHO TRUE AND TRUE, wrote below statement about the diplomat on his Facebook page.

This past Saturday our group was scheduled to fly out from Jeddah to Gambia. We were scheduled to fly out 9.20am which was pushed further.

We shared a waiting lounge with some Nigerian pilgrims and the place was jam packed with many standing without seats.

After about an hour, the Nigerians left much to the relief of the Gambian pilgrims that were standing and so we took advantage of the empty seats that were available.

Some twenty minutes later, some airport officials asked us leave the area that was occupied by the Nigerian pilgrims to be used by Indian pilgrims.

We were almost about to leave when Fabou Sanneh intervened and told the Gambian pilgrims not to leave and from afar I saw him talking to the airport officials that the Gambians will not give up their seats for Indian pilgrims.

Whatever his line of argument was, I don’t know but it looks the officials backed out and the rest was history. I would have been one of the Gambian pilgrims to give up their seats having already endured extended period of standing in the hall.

Thank you for standing up for your people. We appreciate your efforts and many grateful pilgrims salute you.

You were a Nyancho true and true that day.

Fabou understands that success in any field hinges on one’s ability to network well. His intensive efforts to search for opportunities for Gambian youths in Saudi Arabia paid off after he networked with one Saikou Touray. This led to the trial of four young female soccer players and a coach in the persons of Aminata Gaye, Adel Mendy, Teddy Sirreh Jatta, Elizabeth Ndeke and coach Modou Lamin Nyassi.

Fabou broke the news on his Facebook page.

The five young Gambians arrived in Jeddah on Tuesday for trials with Al Nors AJ Academy in Jeddah. Coach Nyassi will help set up the training manual and other logistics for Al Nors AJ Academy.

This came as a result of an MOU I signed with two female soccer clubs to scout talent from the Gambia. The two clubs are also building female soccer academies in the Gambia while one of them, Al Intillaga sports club, promised to build and develop a sister club under their name in the Gambia. This is what we call economic diplomacy. On behalf of the office and staff of the consulate in Jeddah, we seek your prayers for the success of these girls as will certainly open gates for others. This was all possible through one, Mr. Saikou Touray, who has been the source of connection. Mr Touray has been a resident of Jeddah for over twenty years, and his quest for development partners for the Gambia is adorable. May Allah help him in his dreams.

Who then will dispute that Gambian Consular in Jeddah is not producing exceptional results? A diplomat who cannot produce results is not worth the salt.


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