Africa! Wake up or you would be woken up Rudely. ECOWAS mean what you say!

General Abdourahmane Tiani, REUTERS/Balima Boureima//File Photo

By Manding Darboe

  1. Again Africa is participating as somebody else’s circus animal on the world stage by going to Russia to meet with Putin.
  2. African countries are seeking and procuring the services of mercenary groups on the continent.

This is abysmally complicated and very consequential for Africa. It can mean that now a days, any African leader who finds himself or herself in trouble in any African country can procure the services of a foreign mercenary group to keep him or her in power for as long as he or she wants to stay in power, and for as long as he or she can afford to pay them (by looting his or her country’s resources) for them to kill his or her own country men, woman and children. This unimaginable phenomenon, can quickly become a norm in Africa against any system; call it democracy or socialist system. It is believed that other Western intelligence agencies as setting up their own proxy Mercenary groups just like Russia has in Africa (stay tuned and watch the news) to counter the effect of Russia’s mercenary group. We all know that when Hell Breaks Loose in the content, It Breaks Loose larger than lose itself (in terms of all past senseless wars in the continent micromanaged by both the West and the East ignoring all UN efforts on the continent). By all intents and purposes, the recent Russia and Africa heads of States meeting proves that African leaders are being used or have always been used in the past as circus animals for a purpose- you use them for a purpose until you have no more use for them then you discard them with small crumps as a token of their participation on stage. The last time Russia- Africa Conference was held was held before this years, it was 43 African states that attended, this year, because of Western propaganda only 17 where in attendance. This proves my point of them being used as somebody else’s circus animals. Of the 17 in attendance, five countries where giving crumps as their tokens for participating in the Russia conference, while the 12 countries were told to go back home and wait for the circus Masters next moves. Folks, this is Beyond comprehension and because it is beyond comprehension it is therefore Beyond Phantoming.

What about The Economic community of West African States (ECOWAS), ECOWAS has contradicted itself many times. Because ECOWAS contradicted itself and all of ECOWAS principles “how can ECOWAS now attempt to close the ban door on all coup d’ tats in the subregion when all the horses have already escaped”. Coup d’etats happened in three West African countries already, they (ECOWAS) sat on their hands and did nothing about them all and now they want to act to undo it in Niger (a West African country) that has abundant Reserves of uranium that both the west and the east badly needs for their nuclear weapons productions. Is ecowas clearing the field for the two elephants to fight in its own turfs? We all know that when two elephants fight the grass is always the victim which is the ordinary people of Niger who will have their blood shed for no reason and caused by ECOWAS. Let ECOWAS remove all their forces out of the Republic of The Gambia. If they cannot legitimately install them in any other West African country to enforce the democratic mandate of the people ,then why should they have them in the Republic of The Gambia at the brewing anger of The Gambian people (ECOWAS know it) who no longer want them in their country?
The solution in Niger is that ECOWAS should go and negotiate with the new military leader as they have done in Burkina faso, Mali and Guinea period! Because they have contradicted themselves in three occasions in three different countries already. This is a palpable mistake, isn’t it? Just tell me how can ECOWAS justify an invasion in Niger now, after it sat on its hands and did nothing in Burkina Faso Mali and in Guinea? (these countries are considering to team up with Niger to keep their fellow juntas solders in power in Niger). what a catastrophic scenario that can be? ECOWAS solders versus ECOWAS in Niger? So ECOWAS go and negotiate with the new military junta leader (General Tchiani Abderamane) in Niger as they did in the other three countries where coup d’etats occur in the past four years (where 5 coup d’etats happened in 4 years) without any ECOWAS invasion in their aftermaths.

They (ECOWAS) will have to agree to whatever terms he accepts to handover power to civilian rule(if he likes), and at whatever time he likes to do it as they have accepted in the other subregional countries in which the coup d’etats happened where they negotiated similar agreements for juntas to stay in power and re-engineered their countries’ Constitutions to ensure their continuous stay in power PERIOD!

No Samsungs please. We don’t need sanctions imposed on any of these ECOWAS countries that have military junta governments in power. My reason is that; we all know that these Junta soldiers quickly enrich themselves when they come come to power knowing that sanctions are likely going to be imposed on them by ECOWAS. So, it is always the ordinary citizens in this country that do suffer the sanctions of ECOWAS. As a financial economist myself, I know that sanctions do to have paralyzing effects on ECOWAS countries themselves who impose these sanctions. When sanction came into effect on Mali, Senegal’s economy was caught in the middle and it nearly suffocated under the weight of the sanctions we all know about it. Also Senegal was caught up between the sanctions in Guinea and in Mali and it was suffocating and bleeding economically on all sides. So was other countries as well that do depend on each other within the subregion. The Republic of Niger is a landlocked country the only port that they use most, is the port of Benin, therefore, it’s going to be paralyzing if and when sanctions are imposed on Niger. The History of sanctions show that it is going to be the Ordinary People of Niger who will economically bear the toll of these sanctions, while the junta soldiers are getting themselves rich and richer by the day. Also, these junta soldiers now know how to bust sanctions, because in the case of Mali they linked up with Russia and Mauritania (a former ECOWAS member state) to bypass the sanctions imposed by ECOWAS and there’s nothing anybody can do anything about it.

In conclusion
We all know that Junta soldiers understand only one language: BRUTE use of force on them as soon as they get rid of a democratically elected government or at least a serious threat that it will happen if they don’t leave power.

In line of that fact we also it when ecowas had a backbone and the exercise it in the case of Mali when Captain sanogo took over power ECOWAS gave him a short notice that if he does not hand over power Mali going to be invaded after he toppled Tumany Ahmad Touray. Captain shanogo quickly gave up power upon ECOWAS’ pressure and serious threat of use of force against his junta government.

  1. Mutinous soldiers quickly gave up power in the Republic of Guinea Bissau upon ECOWAS’ pressure and serious threat of use of force against their junta government.
    3.Yaha Jammeh quickly gave up power and ran away in BIG HURRY TOWARD THE AIRPORT upon ECOWAS’ pressure and serious threat of use of force against his government. So it goes without saying that without ECOWAS’s serious threat of use of force Yahya Jammeh would still be sitting in the State House Of The Gambia.
    This is why I am making the point that this is ECOWAS’s own fault because they have abandoned their own principles and their own Playbook on coup d’etats and now we are all suffering the consequences of inaction at the right time. There is no other way to slice this. This is the slice that it ECOWAS has sliced dished out to all of us in the subregion. PERIOD!
    SO, let ecowas go and negotiate a peaceful resolution to this complicated Saga in Niger.


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