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In loving memory of Dawda Fadera,  Gambia’s Ambassador to the United States of America, former Secretary General at the Office of the President !!!!!!

It was with much grief that we learned about the sudden and untimely passing of H. E. Dawda Fadera, former Secretary General at the President’s Office and former Head of The Gambian Civil Service.

At the time of his death on Sunday 20 February 2022, he was still the Gambia’s Ambassador to the United States of America.

Public officers at the President’s Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the diplomatic staff at the Gambian Embassy in Washington DC, USA will greatly miss his wisdom, guidance and good counsel at such a momentous juncture in the history of our great country.

The English writer William Shakespeare declared that “there are many events in the womb of time”.

In our local customs and religions, we are reminded that there is a time and a season for everything: a time to be born and a time to die; a time to laugh and a time to weep; a time to meet and a time to part.

So “To part is the lot of all mankind” – R. M. Ballantyne

Notwithstanding, I dare say that our late dear brother, Dawda Fadera was packed full of accomplishments.

As an intellectual and a seasoned Public Officer, Dawda Fadera would long be remembered for the deep sense of integrity, passion and patriotism that was infused in everything that he ever undertook.

Indeed, he was a model of what could be described as a consummate Civil Servant, a Diplomat par excellence and truly an ‘African Personality’.

In passing, he was a patient and kind-hearted man who treated his colleagues, especially his subordinates, with empathy and freely shared his experience and advice.

In so being, he strongly believed that if one stays true to one’s principles, maintain one’s integrity, history will always judge one kindly.

We, Gambian civil servants and diplomats (former and present), mourn with his wife and his immediate family as well as the Government and people of The Gambia for this great and irreparable loss.

Surely there can be no greater honour than that a man should die at the highest duty post of service to his country.

I dare also say that in life as in death, our beloved Dawda Fadera will continue to be remembered as a champion for righteousness and justice.

He will continue to be sorely and terribly missed by all and sundry.

May the Almighty Allah forgive his shortcomings, if any, and grant Dawda Fadera an enviable place in His highest Al Jannah.

Then, Adieu, Dawda Fadera, until we meet again, hopefully in the blissful gardens of Jannatul Firdawsi, where you most rightfully and most deservedly belong.

Hassan Gibril


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