NUP Leader’s Historic Gracious Act

      NUP Leader Ebrima Jammeh

Abdoulie Ebrima Jammeh is a new comer in politics who will be remembered in history for his gracious act of conceeding election defeat and congratulating President-elect Adama Barrow for his resounding win. Unlike some veteran politicians who do not want to swallow their pride, the National Unity Party leader demonstrated that he entered the race with clear mindset of Equity. As the saying goes: he who comes with Equity comes with Clean Hands.

Read below Mr. Jammeh’s congratulatory message loaded with Wisdom and Hopefulness.



December 4th Presidential Elections

Fellow Gambians,

On December 4th, 2021, we headed to the polls to elect a President who will lead the affairs of our dear nation for the next five years. We voted as a nation and collectively we have chosen our President for the coming five years. In this regard, on behalf of the National Chairman, the National Executive Committee, the General Membership of the National Unity Party (NUP), and indeed on my own humble behalf, I wish to take this opportunity to congratulate His Excellency President Adama Barrow on his re-election to the Office of the President of the Republic of The Gambia. We wish him the very best of luck in steering the affairs of our dear nation on the right path.

To my other fellow contestants, we congratulate you for your efforts in trying to offer an alternative to the Gambian people, albeit our efforts falling short. At NUP, we believe that there is no indignity in running for election and losing and therefore I wish to commiserate with you all for not being successful this time around.It has been very clear from the onset that there was going to be only one winner in this elections and that is THE GAMBIA. Thus, The Gambia has voted; The Gambia has decided; and The Gambia has won. The fact that we have achieved all of these in a peaceful and orderly manner with mutual respect and great sense of humor showed the level of maturity of our fledging democracy.

We, therefore, call on each and every citizen to continue to nurture the growth of that democracy in a tolerant, respectful and an all-inclusive environment.

On a concluding note, I wish to take this opportunity to thank each and every voter who took time to vote in this elections; regardless of candidate of choice. The 2021 Presidential election cycle is now over, let’s get all hands on deck to work towards the development of our beloved country without regards to tribal, religious or political affiliation.

As a responsible party in opposition, we will continue to engage the nation and contribute our quota towards national development whilst extending a lending hand to the government in seeing to it that we achieve our aspirations as a nation. We will lead the path of unity towards our common good.

Long live The Gambia!

Abdoulie Ebrima Jammeh
Secretary General & Standard-Bearer
National Unity Party (NUP)”

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