The KMC Corruption Saga Is A Wake Up Call

KMC Mayor Talib Ahmed Bensouda/Facebook photo

Dear Editor,

I wish to add my modest observation to the ongoing corruption saga, which I consider as a wake up all of us. Before going any further, let me hasten to admit my lack of knowledge on the full and true story of the case. Notwithstanding, what prompted my involvement is the general fact and familiar nature of the topic ‘’corruption,’’ which is no strange subject to me and many Gambians. It is no exaggeration to say that bribery and corruption have become so endemic in our societies that almost one of us has either been a victim or a culprit. I mean we are all affected one way or the other.

In the interest of our national development, it is our collective duty and responsibility to wake up, encourage and actively support any and every effort to fight corruption. Therefore, the brave efforts of the KMC Lord Mayor and his team to fight this social menace must be commended and reinforced rather than sabotaged. Corruption is an undesirable element or a vampire that is destroying our respectful social values of honesty, loyalty and trustworthiness. and people Corruption is the highest level of dishonesty and betrayal of public trust that must be vehemently condemned in every spiritual or civilised society. Sadly, it has continued to undermine our society and require our collective and concerted efforts to fight and stamp out before we can breathe any freedom of development. Corruption has tainted our society immoral and it is our collective responsibility to combat it.

Therefore, Fellow Gambians, I salute you all and pray that Allah swt grant us the requisite honesty, sincerity and patience of Eemaan, to see the through the lens of truth and defend it unconditionally without fear or favour.For good or for bad, the Gambia, like many other countries in Africa has been swimming in the tainted pool of corruption for very many years. Even the very honest Gambians are now struggling to prevail over this social canker that is consuming our society. For many Gambians particularly the civil and public servants, corruption has now become a fashion costume, to wear. People pride themselves with the ill-gotten wealth and affluence gained to the detriment of the masses. Hardly did anyone have the temerity or the audacity to point a stern finger against this beautiful beast that is so loved by our leaders but loathed by the poor masses as it continues to make and mar our people, making the rich richer and poor poorer.

In my opinion, the recent decision by the KMC Lord Mayor, Talib Ahmad Bensouda to expose and suspend an employee strongly involved in a corruption accusation, was a bold and courageous move that deserves our support and celebration. Honest and truth seeking Gambians should rally behind Talib Bensouda and the people of KMC to ensure the suspect and subject of investigations stays away until the findings are concluded. This KMC decision should permeate in the country and be use as a yardstick for an operation fight corruption in the Gambia. We have been talking about bribery and corruption since independence and it is high time that we waged a full scale anticorruption war as Talib has already taken the lead for us to follow. Bribery and corruption are so rampant in our society and hugely responsible for the poverty and sufferings of our people. The corruption cankerworm has been eaten into the fabric of our society with our civil and public servants and other sectors of our society all adopting corruption as way of life. Rather than naming and shaming our corrupt leaders and servants, we tend to cover and encourage them. Where is our religious, ethical and moral dichotomy to vice and evil practice?

Our dictum of branding Gambia a religious country would not hold water until we obey Allah and His
Command to not cause corruption on earth. Allah stw hates ‘fassada’ –Corruption, so why do we continue to glorify it. This evil has become a fashion in our country that everyone seems to accept as a Gambian norm or way life. Corruption is disdainful of our honesty and it contravenes our Gambian core values of religious pedigree. As a predominantly religious people i.e. Muslims and Christians, it behoves on us to unanimously welcome the recent KMC bold move to stand against this socio-political diseases – bribery and corruption. It will be hypocritical to fan the dangerous flames of corruption by supporting (aiding and abetting) corrupt people in any form.

I call on His Excellency President Adama Barrow, the honourable Opposition leadership, and the goo people of the Gambia, to unite and show our solidarity and support to this young, brave and courageous Gambian, who is bold enough to lead our fight against corruption. Defeating corruption will be a significant step in our development. Thank you Lord Mayor Bensouda for pacesetting this phenomenal crusade.

Alh Yahya Ceesay, London


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