My Election Message to Gambians

Fellow Gambians,

As our nation gears towards the December 2021 presidential elections, I wish to remind all Gambians, especially our voters about the importance of this election. Democratic elections provide civil opportunities for a people to collectively decide on the leadership of their affairs. In this case it is our collective responsibility to not only choose a president but also protect and nurture our fledgling democracy post dictatorship. During this crucial election, the Gambia’s national interest should supersede personal, tribal or political party interest. We must unite as one people with all our hearts and might in the fight against our common enemy and the enemy of our country. That common enemy lies in poverty and its underlining social vices, corruption and the heightening crimes that are devastating our very social fabric.

This election is an opportunity to choose a president who is capable of running the affairs of our country. A president who will shepherd us to achieve our common goals as well as champion national reconciliation, peaceful coexistence, unity and development.


Fellow Gambians, our electorate should vote for a candidate who has the knowledge, ability, courage, and commitment to carry out the necessary constitutional and institutional reforms and steer our development agenda for a better Gambia. We need a leader who will say no to corruption, no to drugs trafficking, no to criminals and banditry, and no to tribalism and nepotism. A leader who will say yes to constitutional and institutional reforms, yes to national reconciliation and reparation, yes to democratic principles; fundamental human rights and the rule of law, yes to the Rwandan-style development orientation through proactive leadership.


Fellow Gambians, let us stop blind followership of individuals or political parties; we must rather use knowledge, ability and competence as our selection yardstick. Electing leaders on tribal sentiments, or perjury is a recipe for inefficiency and ineptitude. We should vote for a responsible and reliable candidate who has the vision, mission and ability to lead our fight against corruption, poverty and crime. We all owe it to Mother Gambia and our people to ensure the best and right candidate is elected as our next president. Therefore, we must put the country first and choose an honest, reliable and trustworthy candidate who can lead our national reconciliation efforts, unite our people to work together for our socio-economic and political development. Please vote wisely and vote for development, peace and unity.

Alh Yahya Ceesay, London


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