Darboe’s Take On Record Drug Burst


The United Democratic Party receives the news of a major drug burst by the agents of NDEA at the Gambia Ports Authority with shock and alarm because of the reputational damage this will cause to the nation’s international image and brand.

UDP has learned that it is the largest drug seizure in our nation’s history, reportedly over 2 tonnes of cocaine with a street value of over US$88 million. Although the consignee of the shipment has been named by journalists, this has not been officially confirmed by the Gambia Police Force . Unfortunately, this is not the first time that the Gambian Port is used for smuggling drugs by international criminal cartels.

This is extremely concerning to the UDP because it makes the Gambia vulnerable to infiltration by international organised crime groups, seeing how weak the Gambia’s security infrastructure is at the ports of entry, to target the Gambia as a weak link in the global efforts to combat transboundary criminal enterprises that rely on their vast criminal networks that are active in money laundering and terrorists financing.

Therefore the UDP urgently calls on the Gambia Government to conduct a swift and thorough investigation into this matter and to urgently review the security protocols at Gambia Ports Authority in respect of all shipments bound for Banjul.

Ousainu ANM Darboe
Secretary General & Party Leader


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