NPP Conquers Gambia By-elections

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The National People’s Party (NPP) of Gambian President Adama Barrow has recorded sweeping victories in by-elections in Niamina West and Nuimi Jokadu.

President Barrow registered his party with the Independent Electoral in Commission in January this year after he had fallen out with the United Democratic Party (UDP). The party was born following the firing of the UDP leader Ousainou Darboe and two other senior party officials from their cabinet positions.

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The parliamentary and councillorship elections in Niamina West and Kerr Jarga Ward, respectively, were the first to be contested by the NPP. In both contests the party won with an overwhelming majority, especially in Niamina West where the NPP candidate Birom Sowe won 68 percent of the votes. Mr. Sowe polled 1,716 while Gambia Democratic Congress candidate Samba Jallow scored 805 votes. GDC held the seat until three months back when its candidate Hon. Demba Sowe had a sudden death.

In Kerr Jarga ward contest, the NPP candidate Awa Gaye won with more than 50 percent majority. She polled 1364 votes, defeating candidates of GDC, Alliance for Patriotic, Reconciliation and Construction party and UDP.

The two contests had rekindled spirits of the NPP, ahead of the December 2020 presidential elections. President Barrow is expected to seek another mandate at the polls.


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