Africa’s Past And Current Leadership Failure Is Responsible For Floyd’s Death



Minnesota police murdered George Floyd in coldblood in April 2020

The brutal killing of George Floyd by a white police officer in the state of Minnesota in The United States of America has generated significant racial discussions which questioned the value of black lives not only in USA but also across the entire world. Majority of people who protested against this perpetual senseless violence against black people in The United States and around the world were angry about continuing institutionalized and structural racism that black people faces every single day since the advent of Atlantic Slave Trade when millions of black people were forceful taken away from their ancestral homes in Africa to new world where they helped to build the foundation of what is today called “The United States Of America”. The forceful removal of black people from Africa was the worse decision made by our ancestral African leaders and its citizens at the time that contributed to what we are now witnessing today in the form of abuse , police brutality, systematic racism, violence and undervalue of black lives across America and around the globe. The worthlessness of black lives started in Africa with this historical and evil decision when our ancestors traded black lives in exchange for gunpowder and other worthless materials for the white race to build their empire with black labor which led to white supremacy and power. After the so called Independence of Africa countries , Africa leaderships continues to support and sustain white power hegemony and supremacy through their underrepresentation of black lives in the form of lack of intelligent visionary leadership, systematic transfers of black wealth to western countries through looting and corruption, and low self-esteem when dealing with European and American leadership.


Millions of Africans are living in perpetual poverty, ignorance and die from curable diseases due to lack of visionary leadership across Africa. Our continent continues to be exploited not only by the white power but also now we have seen new wave of exploitation by another race, which is the Chinese race.


Africans were first exploited by Arab slave trade before the Atlantic Slave trade. In every century Africans are exploited by a particular race and every race has exploited black race. Black lives doesn’t matter to these exploiters at all since time in memorial. For the last thirty years to this day, Chinese continue to explore and exploit Africa for their economic, milItary and political superpower as they compete with Europe and America for Africa’s resources and control of African leadership. As a result of this despicable exploitation, our culture, way of life, languages and social values are becoming extinct. Today, Africans speak, act and behave like Chinese, Europeans and White Americans at the detriment of our lack of self-esteem and actualization and lack of understanding who we are as black race.


Black Africans continue to be used, abuse, exploited and violently treat each other due to our inherited lack of respect for each other, creation of visionary society based on compassion, love and prosperity for each other.


In the African countries, citizens continues to be maltreated by their own black leadership, institutions and political systems while the same political leaderships send their daughters and sons to western countries in order to have better education and quality of life. This is evidence in every African country . In the case of The Gambia, we have seen the former President Jammeh sent his daughter and loved ones to The United States not only to have better education but also bought luxurious home at the tune of five million dollars for them to live comfortably. President Adama Barrow also follow the same footsteps when he send his son and loved ones to the United States. Mr Barrow’s son and his friend are currently living in a million dollar house in Tacoma, Washington State. Do the lives of Gambian people who live under two dollars a day really matter to both former President Jammeh and current President Barrow? Behavior of the former President Jammeh and President Barrow clearly indicates that black lives doesn’t matter to them because they transferred millions of dollars from poverty stricken Gambians to the United States where slave labor was used to build its empire that still hasn’t done enough to recognize and treat black lives with integrity and decency that majority white citizens enjoy. Recent killing of Modoulamin Sissy in Georgia, Atlanta during traffic stop is another reminder that black African immigrants are not save in The United States despite the fact that many pretend to act, talk, behave like white Americans.


Black lives will only matter when blacks begin to treat each other with decency, integrity, love and creation of unique system that promote economic prosperity, political advancement and social justice that recognizes the value of being black. Currently, black treat each other worse than we are being abuse by white power and structural racism. This is evidence in every black society especially in Africa where civil wars continue to destroy black communities. George Flody’s killing has direct link to this pattern of black lives not being value even in black communities because of historical evidence of maltreatment, undervalue of black lives as well as our current political systems across Africa which continues to support and sustain white power and supremacy that The United States law enforcement officials especially white police officers are employ to sustain. The future killings that will be similar to George Folyd’s death is not going to stop anytime soon because there is no political will from white brothers to dismantle and destroy a system that promotes and sustain white supremacy and power.


Africa’s leadership and Africans must come up with vision to change this trajectory if we want to end this brutality and evil treatment of black lives. We must first start to recognize , promote and support each other as black people based on our shared common interest and cultural values. Having an intelligent and credible Political leadership in Africa is so important to achieve any change of current trajectory. Africa’s leadership must be willing to start to spend Africa’s resources for promotion and development of black lives. The political leadership must not only have the brain, power and capacity to rule Africa based on rule of law and democracy but also discourage tribalism, bigotry and political oppression which are totally responsible for civil conflict in Africa. People occupying political office must have the intelligent, vision and competency to promote, restore and safeguard national or continental interest and independence. Mediocrity must be discouraged in politics and we must not allow people with despicable characters to occupy political leadership.


Africans must stop acting like white people or Chinese. Africans must walk and talk like Africans , respect our values, food , clothing, languages and culture or traditions. Black Africans must continue to be each other’s keepers while at the same time maintain good relationships with other races. We must instill confidence in each other and promote our national identity to other races.


We must respect and treat each other fairly before others values black lives. Therefore, every one should ask himself or herself what is their contribution to systematic undervalue of black lives? It is time for personal reflection before shifting the entire blame to white supremacy and power structure which was built as a result of evil decision and lack of foresight by black ancestors in Africa.


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