How Dr. Samateh Betrayed Normalcy

The normal order has been consistent for decades until when the chief servant appointed a betrayer in Dr. Samateh.

The novice, inexperience newcomer, went into the parliament and eschewed the norms of the cabinet. He confidently rejected a life-changing system which is not brought by him. This rare bravery and honesty is nothing but betrayal of NORMALCY.

For records, SAMATEH frustratingly frowned upon the usual techniques used in very many years unchallenged. It was this method and similar ones that politicians use to enrich themselves. They build mansions, drive beautiful cars, and enjoy other luxuries of life. Since taxpayer money is within reach, they can freely siphon funds at will and face no comeuppance from the very people whose lives they feed on like vultures. The life of an African politician is sweeter than honey. Why will any normal human being resist such pleasures? This is the NORMALCY Dr SAMATEH betrayed at the the National Bantaba but to a different categories.

Before the very faces of legislators, he groaned and screamed in sadness, reporting a non-issue. I called it a non-issue because it is very normal to apply the ghost-name-syndrome to amass wealth in the global misfortune. What is the crime in taking your own share of the cake through data forging? We witnessed the EBOLA case and how it eventually changed the lives of others. Although the funds given are for the prevention of the Coronavirus, but that is not as important as having their fair share. By ‘they’, I mean those under the air-conditioned offices or responsible for data. Frontliners are junior officers thus must not be treated equally with them. This is just normal but Dr. Samateh would not allow it. There are other Samatehs in other ministries and departments who will never act in such a disappointing manner. A die-hard lover of the job and highest positions, whose life depends on the application of grave miscreants, will not expose his strategies in public. Who knows if the next government will give them the same opportunity to serve in such positions?

Dr Samateh has betrayed the NORMALCY and he should apologize for his honesty.

Muhammed Y. Darboe

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