The GAP And The So-Called “General”

Someone once said that “light travels faster than sound, so some people appear to be bright until you hear them speak.” If anyone embodies this quote, it’s none other than this dull Lamin Bojang who is creating a huge idiotic gap in GAP! Sometimes, you wonder what poor Gambians have done to warrant all types of snake-oil salesmen, charlatans and idiots wanting to lord over us as president. This so-called general is apparently not only a liar and an attention junkie, he is also not bright at all! But worst of all, he is as spineless a coward as they come. He said he knew there were killer squads but he never killed anyone! For him, that was democracy!

I mean what kind of schlemiel can claim that there were “brutalities, killings, arbitrary arrests, torture and killing of political opponents,” and yet turn around and claim that’s democracy?? So, in his head, there is democracy because “certain things had happened and would not have happened…” whatever that means. I mean how dumb can one be? That this fool parades himself as some general could have only happened by the benevolence of Yaya Jammeh! I guess he has reason to not care since his children still have him as a father and he never cared when people were being killed and raped because they were not his family!

I guess he must continue to stand by Yaya! For Yaya made him who is today and since that’s all that matters to him, he can continue to appear bright but mein, he would do well for himself if he gets off the dumb pole is climbing! The fall is usually very painful! If he was half the man those he called criminal are, he might have survived the fall from the pole of ignominy for he would be credible. The more he belches sulphuric nonsense, the more his dullness becomes more obvious. Someone help him!!

Alagie Saidy-Barrow

Culled from Facebook


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