GMC Leader’s Beef With Lawmakers

1. I am disappointed that although most MPs acknowledged the need to provide a relief package to thousands of poor and vulnerable families, no such resolution was made. We had advocated for a 21 to 30 days extension instead of the 90 days proposed by the State and the N.A settled for 45.

  1. We shall monitor very closely if any attempts would be made to manipulate the law for political purposes under the pretext of a public emergency. We will dissect the Regulations on the anvil of appropriate legal tests, and more importantly the manner of execution of those Regulations. We will resist the politicization of the impact of Regulations to score political points.

  2. I call on the security and armed forces to act with professionalism, according to law and best practices and resist being used as pawns in the hands of politicians, and the State.

  3. Lastly, we shall continue to press for a Household Stimulus plan containing relief package to assuage the living hardship being experienced by many poor families across the country.

In conclusion, I commend the President for engaging the nation once more. I urge him to do more to contain the outbreak; focus on enabling our economy against exogenous shocks and provide support to thousands of families that are suffering. I believe that we have the means to make this possible.

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