The Gambia Is A Country Of Talents

The Gambia is a country full of brilliant and nice people. Not withstanding our intense self-criticism and cynism, we have so many decent and optimistic people who are among the average earners, although the biggest cynics are among the most fortunate.

After attending the Sukuta-Jambang Jally road opening, I was at a Kaingka Sanyang kunda naming ceremony in Lamin where olden traditions of sharing and love were manifested, with a lady comedian making everyone laugh. That is amazing!

The question that comes mine is: why do our most previleged aalways complain the fiercest whilst the less privileged people seem the happiest? One can only assume the answer lies with the previleged being accustomed to Comfort. The effect of heat and sunshine has many attributes; it is a healing to some but a source of stress to others.

Again meeting many diasporans enjoying the sunshine, albeit complaining of the heat. We have so many cars now in the Gambia which means we need more road connectivity and greater care in driving. The red cross sensitisation team on road safety is excellent. The Gambia is undoubtedly full of talents, harneshing them is of urgency…

Alhagie Suntou Touray


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