Kani-Kunda Youths Build Modern Bakery  

By Seedy S. Fofanah

A community based youth group in Jarra Kanni-Kunda village in the Lower River Region recently took upon themselves to construct a modern bakery house in the village. The bakery is one of its kinds being constructed in the village. The ultimate aim of this initiative is to provide communities with daily bread supplies, especially during the month of Ramadan when the demand for bread in the area is usually very high. During this period, communities usually find it very difficult to get bread. Some families trek on foot all the way to Soma to find bread.

Jakeenoto Fulang (Youth) Kafoo (JFK) was concerned about the community’s plight which was why its members saw the needs to ease its problem. The project, funded entirely by its home and diaspora based members, seeks to combat bread shortage in the area.

JFK is an indigenous registered youth organization  register that attracts members from Kani-Kunda, the Kombos and abroad. Established in August 2017, JFK’s ultimate goal, among others, is to improve the standard of living in a village founded by Mama Yoro Saidykhan four centuries ago. Since its establishment, the group has carried out several activities in several areas: building a modern bakery house in the village, protection of the environmental protection through tree planting, participation in community service, kindergarten education, promoting health education and building capacity of members.

The group’s bakery is expected to commence operations at the end of March 2020. It will produce fresh loaves of bread, croissants, multi-corn bread, pastries, takeaway sweet breads, sausage rolls and other dough related products. Establishment of a modern bakery with latest equipment such as bread slicers, mixing machines, double racks ovens, rolling stock and cooling racks is like a dream come true for JFK. Using imported ingredients: fine flour, salts and sugar imported from the United States will ensure high quality products. The association will train and employ four youths to manage the daily functions of the bakery.

The association is not only committed to empowering its community members village but it also wants to foster unity and mutual cooperation among the JFK members. The association’s main goal is to improve and promote meaningful social development and quality of life of Kanni-Kunda residents.


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