Gambia’s Draft Constitution of Int’l Standard

Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law, has described  The Gambia’s draft Constitution as a document that is on the way to meeting highest international standards.

The centre, as an independent research institute in the UK, established by the British Institute of International and Comparative Law. It is devoted to the study and promotion of the rule of law worldwide.

Its Founder and Director, Sir Jeffrey Jowel, who is a Queen’s Counsel, led a delegation to the State House to meet with President Adama Barrow on Friday. They are in Banjul on the invitation of the government to help the country produce its new constitution and offer technical advice and support on how to make it one of the best in Africa.

“The draft is on the way to meeting highest international standards, such as that of the Commonwealth and a number of advanced human rights and good governance bodies,” Sir Jeffrey told the press after an audience with President Barrow.

Sir Jowel said he is impressed with the Gambia’s approach to constitutional building process, that involved wide consultations and popular participation process by the citizenry. He also said it was an impressive initiative to give such an opportunity for ordinary people to contribute to this process.

Such a process can only seek to counteract bad governance, said the Counsel, who was led to the State House by the British High Commissioner.

President Barrow on his part, thanked the Bingham Centre for agreeing to offer support to his government’s efforts in building solid foundation for a Third Republic in The Gambia.

He said building strong institutions is cardinal to his government’s vision and the UK had been supportive in this process in several ways.

The delegation comprised acting deputy Director of Bingham Centre, Jan Van Zyl Smit and Alex Goodman.

High Commissioner Sharon Wardle said the Centre is already talking to different stakeholders with vested interests in the Constitutional review process.

Sanna Camara
Media Officer
Office of The President
Republic of The Gambia


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