Kanilai Fire Is A Devastating Scenario

By Abdoulie John

In wake of the devastating fire outbreak that has left a spectacle of desolation and destruction in Kanilai and its surroundings, the spokesperson of Gambia Fire and Rescue Services (GFRS), Pateh Gibba, has described the sad turn of events as a “devastating scenario.”

“The bush was seriously burning. It has even consumed an abandoned house,” he told this medium in an exclusive interview.

Last Wednesday, reports emerging from Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) indicated that an outbreak of devastating blazes were stretching towards former President Yahya Jammeh’s home. Residents, army personnel and Kanilai-based fire fighters were reportedly finding it difficult to quell the fire.

Gibba said the magnitude of destruction caused by the fire is indescriptible as the loss of flora and fauna will negatively impact on the environment.

He confided to this reporter that Gambian authorities spared no efforts to deploy an additional team of fire fighters to Kanilai in order to contain the menace.

“We’ve sent an additional team from Banjul. The State Guard Fire Fighting Crew is already in Kanilai. Its task is entirely to protect and safeguard the Presidency. But when things go out of hand, we call them to come and support us,” he added.

To many observers, the booming agricultural activities in Kanilai have died down since Jammeh lost to Barrow and went into exile. The bush has reportedly grown into the area and has become more compact…


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