GAF Decorates 18 Soldiers

Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) has Friday decorated eighteen (18) soldiers to various ranks.

The decoration ceremony was presided over by Massaneh Kinteh, Chief of Defense Staff alongside with his deputy Major General Yankuba Drammeh and the top brass of the country’s national army.

The decorated soldiers rose to the ranks of Lieutenant-Colonel, Major, and Captain.

Amongst the decorated soldiers 10 were promoted to the ranks of Captain, while the 6 others were promoted to the ranks of major and the remaining two (2) were rose to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel.

“Effective leadership at all levels of command is the duty and responsibility of the officer core,” said the army chief.

Addressing senior officers at army joint headquarters in Banjul The army chief told his men that promotion in becoming a senior officer comes with greater challenges.

He said he expected his men to face difficulties with the right attitude. He further challenged his men to prepare themselves in order to face the realities associated with their new ranks.

CDS Kinteh went on to advise the newly promoted officers to maintain the highest standards of discipline, loyalty, and commitment to national duty and to leave up to expectations.
“I do not doubt your abilities as officers and through your capacities can make an impact on the reform process of the Armed Forces,” he stated.

Deputy CDS, Yakuba Drammeh Deputy reminded the officers of the importance to stick to their oaths.

“This is a very strong oath that soldiers normally take. I believe you will keep up to the promises. Promotion in the Military is not mere decoration it goes with additional responsibility with commitment,” he cautioned.

Lieutenant-Colonel Abdoulie Manneh, speaking on behalf of his fellow promoted officers said “to whom much is given much is expected.”

He said that promotion in the army is based on hard work and that hard work goes with promotion.

He hailed President Barrow as the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces (GAF) and CDS Kinteh in their quest in promoting them.

The soldiers took seven different oaths which are oaths of office, secrecy, trust, allegiance to the commander in chief of the Gambia Armed forces (GAF), allegiance to the state and allegiance to the people of The Gambia.



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