Gambians Remember Media Titan

By Abdoulie John

The family of the Gambia’s late media titan organized Quranic recitation to pray and remember the life and legacy of a man who had served his country with all his intellect, resources and energy. Swaebou Conateh, a doyen journalist, answered to Allah’s call exactly a year ago.

Mr. Conateh’s commemorative ceremony was convened by his widow, Aja Sukai Badja-Conateh in Dippa Kunda on Thursday. Family members, immediate neighbours, journalists and a good number of well-wishers attended the one year memorial prayer of the poprietor of Gambia News & Report Magazine.

Mrs. Badjan-Bojang described Swaibou Conateh as “the exemplary embodiment of truth.” She praying for the soul of her late husband to rest in Eternal Peace. She asked Allah to grant him highest place in Paradise.

Also speaking to this reporter was veteran journalist Demba Ali Jawo who referred the late Swaibou Conateh as not only a friend, but also a mentor who was instrumental in shaping his journalistic career.

“On professional basis, we used to discuss a lot of issues. His advices were always useful. If anybody felt his departure, I am definitely one of them,” said the former editor of The Independent newspaper.

Similar sentiments were reechoed by Seedy Bojang and Momodou Edrissa Njie, proprietors of online news sites The Mirror and Mansabanko, respectively. They both worked under the mentorship of Swaibou Conateh who guided their initial steps into journalism.

While Bojang described him as “the best person he had ever worked with”, Njie urged the young generation of journalists to emulate Swaibou Conateh in upholding the values of journalism.

Mataar Bajan, a close relative to the deceased, recounted Swaibou Conateh’s career, citing his stint at Radio Gambia and the Civil Service where he successively served with total commitment and dedication.


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