His Excellency, President Adama Barrow has called on all Gambian irrespective of political or regional affiliations to join him in full support of the Banjul rehabilitation project, stating that Banjul, our capital city, is the pride of the country.

“Banjul is our City, our Capital City. We have nowhere that is more important than Banjul as far as we are concerned’, the president said after an impressive inspection of the ongoing
rehabilitation works in Banjul.

Considering the strategic and symbolic importance of the City, the President said it behooves all citizens to unite in support of its development: “Everybody, whether you are Banjulian or somewhere else. Whether you are in the opposition or the government, let us work together in the interest of this country. It is only through unity that we can progress. It is only through unity that we can develop this country.”

The president, who is proud of his personal affinity to Banjul having lived there for about 17 years, added that the capital needs to be completely overhauled, explaining that it was the reason the government decided that “we cannot be doing the roads in a piecemeal, the way they were doing it.”

Although the project is being pre-fianced by a Gambian-owned company – Gaye Enterprise,
President Barrow revealed that the Gambia government begin repaying the loan from the 2020 budget.

Jubilant crowds greeted the President and his entourage as he inspects the on-going works. With only 30% of the work done, according to what the president was briefed on, Banjul has already taken shape in its transformation into a modern city. Inhabitants chanted praises for the president in what they described as salvation to their plight after 52 years of neglect by the previous administrations. They vowed to rally behind the President, as he delivers his promises to the Gambian people.

When completed, this project will be one of President Barrow’s landmark achievements in a
span of 3 years of his presidency.

Amie Bojang-Sissoho
Director of Press & Public Relations
Office of the President, State House

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