ASB Clinic Reopens Amidst Patient Surge

By Abdoulie John

Barely 5 days after its reopening, ASB Clinic continues to witness a surge of patients coming from various corners of the country. In spite of the sad episode the health facility went through these past days, its reputation remains intact.

“We are happy that ASB Clinic is reopened again,” ASB Clinic Project Coordinator,  Gudoum Lehmbeck, told this medium.

Established in 2002, the Dippakunda based ASB Clinic offers a wide range of services including labor and delivery services, diagnostic testing, emergency care, surgeries and dentistry.

While Lehmbeck lauded the government for allowing the clinic to operate. She said the clinic staff fully cooperated with authorities about the problem reportedly linked to the maternity unit.

“We have nothing to hide. Our goal is to give the best care to our patients,” she said, adding that the clinic provides services annually to over 40, 000 patients. These include 1,400 deliveries and over 300 operations that the clinic carries out with high level professionalism.

In December this year, President Adama Barrow and his German counterpart, Frank-Walter Steinmeeier, visited ASP Clinic. The duo were given a rousing welcome by a huge crowd who stormed the area to witness what many observers have described as a ‘historic moment.’

As part of their efforts to keep the momentum alive, she pointed out the clinic routinely receives visiting German doctors.

“For the past 10 years, they have conducted 700 operations free of charge,” she stated.

A guided tour of the health facility shows that the clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment necessary for diagnosis and surgery. “We even provide ultrasound scans in pregnancy!” she exclaimed.

More importantly, ASB Clinic’s Gudoum Lehmbeck announced a new project that focuses on bone fractures repair and any problems linked with osteosynthesis. “The project dubbed “Jump” consists of using metal device to hold the bone in place,” she noted. She said the much-needed initiative is scheduled to start next week.

Aminata Cham, a resident of Sukuta who had just delivered a new born baby, commended the staff of ASB Clinic for the good services they continue to offer to the public.

“The place is clean and they provide us with good services,” she said holding her new baby.

Yandeh Njie, a senior nurse at ASB Clinic, was also delighted that the clinic had its suspension lifted. She said the clinic attracts patients from the sub-region, including the two Guineas and Senegal. “Our reputation is built on hard work and professionalism,” she added.

Meanwhile, one of the biggest challenges of the health facility is its tiny space it occupies.

Asked why they are still dragging their feet to request Gambia government to allocate them a land, Gudoum Lehmbeck made it clear that they cannot take such a step. “We must preserve our independence,” she remarked.


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