Pro-Gambia Association Pushes For Zero Violence

By Abdoulie John

Members of the collective Pro-Gambia Association on Sunday took to the streets calling for ‘zero violence’ in the country. The group initiated a Peace Walk at a time when political tension seems to be brewing in a country that is moving fast to right its wrongs.

“We’ve converged here to conclude a journey that began four months ago,” Pro-Gambia President Amadou Bah said in a statement he delivered after concluding an itinerary that started from Churchill’s town petrol station to Westfield Junction.

Since January 2017, The Gambia has been transitioning from dictatorship to democracy. As the new democratic dispensation is getting into shape, citizens are extensively exercising their civil liberties without facing the risk of being persecuted.

Bah disclosed in his speech that they have started the phase one of the zero violence campaign four months back. In the process the association engaged all political organizations, civil society, civil society groups, former VP Aja Faoutmata Tambajang Jallow. Mr. Bah thanked all of the stakeholders for prioritising peace.

“This justifies they do love our nation,” he indicated.

Pro-Gambia Association President further stated that they toured the length and breadth of the country as part of the second phase of their campaign.

“During the course of the tour, we vehemently preached the message of peace, tolerance backed by justice and patriotism,” he added. “By standing with you at this famous Westfield Junction, we have accomplished the task that God gave to us in calling our people to embrace.”

For his part, Pro-Gambia Association Public Relations Officer (PRO), Malick Joof, who also spoke to this medium said they have been going around, touring and encouraging dialogue.

He then confided to this reporter that they recently held talks with the top brass of the Three Year- Jotna movement to ensure that their upcoming protest march will remain peaceful.

“We organise this protest to show to everybody how a demonstration should be,” he noted.

People, he went on, can show up their anger without causing destruction or looting.

Joof said members of Three-Year-Jotna have made it clear that they would do their utmost best to hold a peaceful demonstration.


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  1. Foday Camara

    POWER hungry and money greedy people are shrouding themselves in the democratic ambitions that is being fast-tracked in the Gambia since the end of dictorship.They rank themselves with the diehard supporters of the arpc who are seen trying to distract the genuine initiatives of the Gambian people to correct the many wrongs of the past years.
    Without dialogue and tolerance you can forget about any progressive developments in all spheres of life.
    They have been very unfair to the ordinary citizenry in aiming to distabilize the country with three years Johtna demonstrations. History taught us that as far as politics is concerned,there are no permanent friends or enemies. Those with the honest desire to pull the country out of chaos and unreasonable actions, will always be able to sideline their differences for the benefit of the Nation at large.
    Keep it up Pro -Gambia. Do not let unscroupolous activists deter the rightful course that common sence and logic unvieled before us.

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