What Politicians Mean By System Change

Hon. Halifa Sallah raises controversy when he said change of government fell short of system change

By Suntou Bolonba Touray

People must not confuse the politicians’ definition of system change. There is a meaning behind politicians’ talk about system change. What must be borne in mind is that no two political parties or leaders have the same system in mind. Hence, so long as an individual political party or leader is not steering the affairs of the nation, ‘His/Her’ System is not in place. Therefore, the remark regarding system change is meant to convey politicians’ intention to install their system or political ideology in the governance machine.

We must also understand that it took 22 years for political parties to adopt a method of fighting a dictatorship. Such a style or method is entrenched in many ways. This involves overhaul of the political language, style and methodology. Thus “you can only fight the way you are trained” to fight. It is therefore not easy for anyone to adopt a new style of political language, although the reuse of languages and concepts one is familiar with becomes less burdensome. In that regard, let us understand the context of political opinions before jumping into conclusion.

Democracy is meant to be a vibrant battle of opinion on daily or weekly basis. Love and respect the opinions of others. The battle for control over public opinion is not restricted just within the political party and support structures but there are other players that are not obvious. They too wish to influence the public to their ideas…welcome to democracy! The more people live with democracy the more they understand its positive and negative sides.


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