Russia-Africa Summit: President Barrow lays out Gambia investment potentials  

His Excellency, President Adama Barrow on Thursday addressed the first plenary session of the Russia-Africa Summit and laid out a detailed presentation of the investment opportunities that exist in The Gambia.


“In The Gambia, we have investment opportunities that bode well for this forum. Our National Development Plan, has, among its strategic priorities, modernizing our agriculture and fisheries sectors for sustained economic growth, food and nutritional security, and poverty reduction’’, President Barrow said in a statement delivered at the summit underway in Sochi, Russia.


The Summit, which is convened for the first time, provided an opportunity for more than 60 African leaders in politics, business, and development and their Russian counterparts to engage each other with the hope of expanding the political and trade ties between the parties. Top managers of almost 2,000 Russian and foreign companies are taking part in this high-level meeting.


Among other development and investment priorities, the president invited Russian and foreign investors to take advantage of the country’s year-round sunlight to explore and invest in renewable energy. He also highlighted the opportunities that exist in the country’s maritime sector, stressing that the Banjul Seaport is a gateway to the West African market

“..Investment opportunities in river transport exist along our navigable river. The Banjul port is the hub of West Africa with access to over three hundred million people, and just six hours away from Europe, by flight,” he said outlining similar opportunities that exist in education, tourism, among others.


While thanking the Government and People of the Russian Federation for providing scholarships and training opportunities to generations of Gambians, President Barrow expressed commitment to deepen cooperation and pave new grounds for a more robust bilateral partnership.

Amie Bojang-Sissoho

Director of Press & Public Relations

Office of the President, State House, Banjul


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