Int’l Day of Democracy Forum 2019

Civil society leader

Press release

Westminster Foundation for Democracy is hosting a national forum on democracy on Saturday September 14 to mark the International Day of Democracy at Ocean Bay Hotel in Cape Point, Bakau starting at 4pm sharp!

The forum will bring together representatives of the State, political parties, statutory bodies, human rights organizations and CSOs and together with members of the public to have a conversation on democracy!

September 15 is designated as the International Day of Democracy by the United Nations for the purpose of promoting and upholding the principles of democracy. The day is also meant to urge all UN member states and their citizens and civil society groups and indeed all stakeholders in the society to commemorate the day and contribute to raising public awareness about democracy.

The theme for this year’s commemoration is Participation – recognising that democracy is about people and it is built on inclusion, equal treatment and participation.

In light of the above the Democracy Forum is a platform for a national conversation about promoting and strengthening democracy in the Gambia. The overall aim of the forum is to promote the objectives of the International Day of Democracy as well as support the democratisation process unfolding in the country since 2017.

Former British prime minister Winston Churchill once said democracy is not perfect just that it is better than all other political systems ever tried. In another perspective the first President of the Republic of the Gambia Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara noted that democracy is a way of life that has to be learnt in order to live it.

Therefore, let’s have a conversation about Democracy with the objective to promote democracy in The Gambia.
Madi Jobarteh
Country Representative
WFD The Gambia


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