Open Letter To Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson/Google photo

Dear Prime Minister,

I wish to extend my warmest greetings and felicitations to your Right honourable self, on the occasion of your recent election as the Prime Minister of this great country, the United Kingdom. Congratulations and best wishes for a successful tenure of office. Your, Excellency Mr Prime Minister, you assume office in one of the most testing times for the country, Brexit and its associated complication epoch. Already, this tough and thorny mission has claimed two good Prime Ministers in David Cameron and Teresa May. Their untimely resignations are clear testaments of the fact that any impression of smooth-leaving the EU is more an ideal than realistic. The idea of Brexit without a deal would tantamount failure of purpose and depletion of national resources considering the sheer amount of human and economic resources that went into the drafting, redrafting, numerous to and fro trips to Brussels and other European Cities, like Paris and Berlin, by the various UK government officials, over the years to negotiate a Deal. That expense, in my opinion, is too expensive to be compromised for a no Deal, which will effectively of no interest to the British tax payers, whose money went into almost two years of unsuccessful negotiations.

Obviously, so much time and resources has already been spent in trying to reach a Deal, therefore even if it requires another extension, so as to mutually arrive at an acceptable agreement, please explore that opportunity because the true ramifications of Brexit are obviously too intricate and ambiguous for the ordinary, innocent citizens to discern and fathom not to talk of the overwhelming impact of a no Deal scenario. The sheer complications and uncertainty that characterised Brexit, and its seemingly insurmountable nature, compelled me to hereby write seeking your indulgence to please reconsider the plight of the ordinary citizens of both the United Kingdom and the European Union on the consequence of the looming idea of withdrawing at all cost, with or without a Deal, come October 31st 2019. Obviously, going by the results of June 23rd 2016 Referendum, it is ideal to deliver on the verdict of our respected voters. However, haven followed the events from that fateful June Referendum and discerning a perspicacious analysis of events and circumstances as they unfold, I deem it prudent and necessary to relay my perspicuous concerns for your mature and level-headed consideration.

Mr Prime Minister, it is my firm belief and conviction that the realism about Brexit is far more complex than the ideal. I mean the actual cost of withdrawing from the EU is proving to be costlier than anticipated based on the following circumstances. Since the 2016 Referendum, Brexit has claimed two Prime Ministers as you are the number three in 10 Downing Street so far, needless to mention how many Ministers have gone (resigned). Secondly, it has also resulted in several to and fro trips to Brussels and other European Cites by government Minister to negotiate a Deal, which never materialised fruitfully. Thirdly, the high economic cost so far incurred in search of a mirage-like Deal that keeps eluding us, coupled with the tense debates and divisions that this whole chaotic Brexit theory or philosophy is inflicting on the British government and society, is becoming unbecoming and indeed a cause for concern. So please don’t rush it but rather call for extension until a deal is reached. Many thanks for your attention.

Alh Yahya Ceesay
Greenwich London


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