Why Madi Ceesay Should Resign Now


Kindly accept this statement as an expression of my utter dismay and indignation at the recent comments made by one Madi Ceesay, a national assembly member for the United Democratic Party. The comments ascribed to Mr. Ceesay, whom I deliberately refuse to address with the right honorific befitting of a respectable member of parliament – HonourableNational Assembly Member, where he was openly calling for the illegal overthrew of a democratically elected government are indeed shameful and regrettable. I call on Madi Ceesay to resign in honour of preserving the integrity of our Honourable National Assembly. His comments are treasonous and highly demeaning of the National Assembly, which is why I am also calling on the National Assembly Standing Committee on Ethics to take disciplinary actions against him.

No respectable National Assembly Member, who is well au fait with his constitutional mandate and responsibilities will ever associate, not even remotely, with an illegal attempt to dislodge a government that was overwhelming elected by the people of The Gambia. The Gambian people have spoken when they decided in 2016 to give President Adama Barrow a five-year mandate to rule the country. Moreover, the 1997 Constitution of the Gambia, which is the supreme law of the land, is quite clear when it states ambiguously in Section 63 that “the term of an elected president shall, subject sections (3) and (6), be for a term of five (5) years”. The government of The Gambia will defend the supremacy of the constitution. Equally, all genuine Gambians, who are true to promoting the ideals of constitutionalism, the rule of the law, and sincerely care about consolidating the good governance and democratic gains so far registered should have no qualms adhering to the tenets of the law in spirit and letter.

At this juncture, I refer Madi Ceesay to draw wisdom from the recent comments made by his party leader, veteran lawyer Ousainou Darboe, who unreluctanly distanced himself from the illegal cause of the so-called ‘’3-years movement’’. He told a local news site recently that ‘‘I just stated what the laws’’ referring to earlier comments he made insisting that Barrow must serve five years.

Madi’s renegade diversion from the position of his party leader party points to two things: 1) that there’s no disciplined in the party structures and rogue elements like Madi have become uncontrollable; or 2) that the influence of the party leader in the party is fast dwindling.

Political Adviser To The President
Siaka Jatta



  1. An “overthrow” by an NA I think could in fact be a very patriotic act especially when it has been deemed necessary by the ‘signature’ of a reasonable number of the electorate across the society. I think they (NA) have the most legal “weapons” which are votes of their electorate! No wonder Mr. Ceesay was not even properly engaged for his remarks.
    I like this ambiguous quote of a prominent veteran sportsman that, “everybody has a ‘plan’ before they get punched in the mouth.’
    What sounds most treasonous is the imposition that the Gambia constitution is a booby trap for her democracy. Lots have failed to understand that a constitution is a guide to proper thinking and not a rule for the latter.
    I have just read and article in Freedom Newspaper that alleged an E.U ambassador said, the 5 year thorny way is the Gambia constitution, as if a European constitution has ever served as a holly script
    for the welfare of European citizens. Anyway, to help oneself realise the fact that all Gambians are not snoring, read under the comments thread of the arcticle a comment by one Mr. Lowe or whoever. Load of thanks to him.
    The whole world was their when a MOU legally led a coalition to victory sending the most brutal dictator of West Africa of this contemporary. The whole world listened as Gambian law makers make a stately agreement to deliver that to their electorate. Mission was accomplished but mission was illegal?? In a nutshell, implying that Gambian lawmakers have made an illegal agreement to deceive the electorate, telling the world now that yeah, this is what we are: scammers and fraudster of the highest profile. Yo, let’s stop talking like THIS IS THE CONSTITUTION or THIS IS THE RULE OF LAW as if the two are there as a breadwinner of a specific individual or entity. In my opinion too like many others, we should be as the people, the ones putting and making the sense in and out our constitution respectively, rather than vice versa.
    Their are the camp in Gambia that hold the hideous agenda that once Jammeh is gone, we will call it a day and there are a very very big lot too, who thinks we have to move fast from dictatorship and burst a fast moving democratic process, curb corruption, a total overhaul of our security systems and idea, a new constitution>a top priority, make institutions function among a few. All that is transpiring now is no surprise because we have pointed a lot of fingers at each other about how big a crook and contemptuous type we are. Shamelessly we are bent on keeping the same trend though of course in different hands. Our foreparents always thought politics is hypocrisy, perhaps a stereotype passed on to them by the former British Gambia state. If that was the case, that kind of stereotype is therefore true for Gambia but not the British.
    Hey …, when we go home and alone by ourselves, we know if our actions are guided by our duodenum or the interest of the Gambia. However, representatives should have the ability to bear hunger more than the electorate. The latter is required in their integrity.

  2. It is a shame that a NA assembly member will accept money from someone and then turn around and accuse that person of bribing him (the NA member). Mr Ceesay should by himself a mirror and spend at least 24 hours just looking at himself in that mirror.

    • Was it only Mr. Ceesay who took bribes? To my understanding he confessed he did got bribed! Who bribed and who got bribed? Bribery is a highly punishable crime especially when committed by politicians. Those who bribed and got bribed but still chose to remain mute and not to resign are criminals much uglier than Mr. Ceesay
      What a boredom! After the word ‘integrity’ been written a million times in fora all over people still seem to lack an understanding of the word.

      • In my opinion, they are all sucking the blood of innocent Gambians. We deserve far better leaders!!!

    • Aha, and when he sees himself 24 hrs in the mirror, what he sees is just human anatomy. Everyone knows what there hearts are good or wicked, for that matters a lot!! If you are capable of being a bit profound, you will see the natural humility detailed in human nature. You can be more profound on it when you sit down to the call of nature. There are those organic rotten human beings but terribly too, their are those toxic ones who literally will rot human beings but hard to rot themselves. You will understand when such people attempt to make a reasoning.

  3. If your mind then is truly set in the struggle to bring much better leaders about in the Gambia’s administrations, stop turning a blind-eye therefore to the silence of those who took bribes and chose to keep their mouths shut about, as in the the jujuwoto/lel where children would be taught how keeping there mouths shut even at committing crimes make the man enough. Someone always thinks there are problems with some of our traditions and cultures. I think I have started seeing those people’s point now. They might have very good reasons to think so.
    However, you should be advising those silent corrupt crooks too to go an look at themselves 24 hrs in the mirror. Perhaps when they do as you advised Mr. Ceesay, they may find even worse images of themselves. Anyway if you think Barrow is a “dream leader”, then keep up being angry with Mr. Ceesay.
    Everyone sees something when they look inside the including you the private Gambia.

    • I believe that you and the Mr Ceesay you are trying to defend fits the toxit material you describe. By the way, do not ever believe that well condemn someone for accepting a bribe and then praise the person giving the bribe. Going by the records, You and Mr Ceesay used to be the most lousy Barrow praise-singers ….that is until he refused to handover to his political-father, so to speak.