Police Debunks Missing Person News


The office of the Inspector General of Police has noted with concern information going round social media platforms about missing persons including adults and minors.

Although most of these reports on social media platforms were never formally filed with the police, exhaustive investigations have however, been conducted in many of the reported cases.The report about a 14 year old girl (name withheld) at Kanifing, allegedly kidnapped and held in an empty cargo container with other children proves to be untrue. She confessed visiting her boyfriend in Lamin Village where she spent the night returning home at 4pm the following day. The boyfriend, 18 years old adult has been arrested and he is helping with investigations.

Similarly, another report about 19 year old Fatoumatta Manneh at Kotu, allegedly abducted and held in a dark unidentified room at an unknown location with other girls is equally unfounded. She confessed picking up a job as house maid at Kotu South where she stayed without her parent’s knowledge. She further admits sending text messages to her family about her false abduction.

The case of a 15 year old boy (name withheld) gone missing in Banjul was as well investigated. It was found that he left home to Senegal where he intends to enroll in a Quranic school without knowledge of his parents. He has been found and reunited with his Family.

The Inspector General’s Office wish to assure the public that it will not relent in its efforts to protect life and properties of individuals as enshrined in section 178(1) and (2) of the constitution of the Gambia.

In this regard the general public is urged to report all cases and cooperate with the Police in the fight against all forms of crimes.

ASP Lamin Njie




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