How Sanna Jarju Lied About Me

Is it fake news or false accusation? It is quite ironic and pathetic that after attending a two day conference on media freedom, a so-called citizen political journalist will use fake news on me on Facebook.

One Mr. Sanna Jarju personally attacked me and lied beyond reasonable proportion yesterday in a Facebook live. His first point that I am in the Gambia right now is a lie. He lied about me. The last time I was in the Gambia was on 1st January 2019. I was at a two day conference in London which ended yesterday.

Secondly, he claimed that somehow, there is a conspiracy to use sophisticated telecom expertise to hack phones and block the internet in the Gambia. It is a scare tactic using me as a launch pad.

I have never studied telecom and do not have any knowledge in telecommunication, neither all the fantastic lies cooked up by the narrator.

Finally, he claim the political differences between Hon Darboe and H.E. Barrow have something to do with me. I advice the young man to study the dynamics of power and how politicians in power or heading political parties conduct themselves before using cheap emotion by embarrassing himself.

I did not discuss politics, let alone give recommendations to the two political leaders. Those who know me and my personality will never assume such baseless lies against me.

Politicians on the ground have armies of people around them with whom they discuss and conduct their political strategies with. It is good to imagine things, but establishing facts is the bedrock of all sound analysis. As a civil servant, I confined myself to the GO [General Order].

I spent a decade plus in the open expressing my political opinion in a hostile terrain. What makes you think when I decided to expess my political opinion.

It is sad to see desperate young men resorting to fabrication and lies. Personal attacks will always fail.



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