What I Hate At Gambia Airport

Almamo Fatty I arrived in Gambia this early morning at 2am by Air Maroc and after picking my luggage, they are marked with a chalk by customs officer for inspection and this has become the norm. Every time you come with few pieces of bags you are marked for inspection which is fine but we need to revisit how our customs officers are treating our own people as foreigners in our own country. So for God’s sake we can’t be foreigners twice; in a foreign land and in our own country.

The ministry of tourism, airport management and customs need to sit down and address this. This has become unbecoming and it’s getting out of hands just to make some money out of own people coming back home. We are Gambians please welcome us with open hands.

The way the customs officers on duty on the 6th July 2am is unacceptable, pushing people bags with less care not sensitive of the fact that some of our belongings can be fragile. Seeing same people coming with others from behind adds salt to injury.

Everyone is asked to enter a very small office that you can’t even enter with all your bags and have to risk leaving my hand luggage outside at the risk of loosing it. The airport arrivals should make life easier for people but what I have been experiencing in our airport with custom officers needs total overhaul. I call on the government to look into this. It’s totally wrong. Enough is enough! Work to earn your money.

Almamo Fatty

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