Let’s Extract Chaff From The Wind

Kinteh, thank you for expressing your opinion. But I want to emphasize strongly that there is no evidence that Fatou Jallow (Toufah) had presented in her case. What is your evidence in this case? Just because we all hear stories of sexual allegations does not mean they are true. Can you please tell us anyone we have seen who came forward as victim of Yahya Jammeh. The acknowledgment that I highlighted are stories we all heard about without evidence.

My essay is about the narration of how Fatou came to be beauty queen and the circumstances that led to her asylum in Canada and why she is embarking on public campaign? Those are the facts which are being highlighted. But in your view those are not factual evidence and I think that is fallacious in your view. If you are intelligent enough you will notice how I systematically narrated her story up to recent press conference with evidence and dates on each event. The sources in this story are highlighted and dated – the beginning to end. This makes this story credible and accurate. Any academic institution in the world will support this article because it is well sourced and referenced. Your suggestion that I should make the article short is nonsensical because if you cannot read there are others who would like to know the facts about Fatou and how we arrive here. If you are intelligent and academically honest, you should do research about the newspaper and events that I quoted before you make your ridiculous conclusions. Before you conclude that I am not credible, what evidence do you have to suggest that Fatou is credible and her story is true. Tell us what you know about this story before you conclude that I am not credible. Please I would like to see your evidence or facts about why you believe this story is true. Please don’t come up with hearsay, for we need factual evidence or information to connect the dots. Did Fatou present any evidence other than an allegation. If you are intelligent you will notice there is a huge difference between allegations and evidence. All we need is evidence.

It is this type of nonsensical thinking which will lead Jammeh to go Scott free because in The Gambia we talk without evidence and emotionally present our stories. In any court of law, it is the evidence that matters and not hearsay. I hope you read this article again and extract chaff from the wind.

Thank you

Mustapha Touray


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