Gambians Lose A Big Tree

The death of Caliph General of Sutukung in Eastern Jarra in Lower River Region has hit so many people like a thunderbolt. Alhagie Abdul Wahab Jabbie, who answered to the Allah’s call on Saturday, was an exemplary servant of Allah who left behind a huge vacuum not only in the Jabbie Kunda Caliphate but in the country in general.

Alhagie Wahab ascended to the throne in 2014 after the death of Ba Masire Jabbie, then Caliph of Sutukung Jabbie Kunda. Wahab was the last surviving offspring of the legendary Saint and Scholar Karang Sambou Lamin Jabbie of blessed memory. Like his father, Alhagie Wahab dedicated his life to serving humanity in the form of teaching, instilling discipline and preaching the word of Allah. Among others, he built bridges of relationships, fostered harmony and offered prayers for peace and stability to prevail in the Gambia and beyond. Alhagie Wahab had mentored so many people who admired his high sense of love, understanding and compassion for all, irrespective of their status or tribe. These were the characteristics Karang Sambou Lamin had taught his talibes and children.

As a unifying figure who believed in equality for all, the late Caliph’s knowledge and wisdom will be deeply missed.

Thousands of people from the country and the subregion attended Alhagie Wahab’s burial in Sutukung on Sunday. He was survived by several children.

Kairo News and Radio join Muslims across the world to mourn the death of a formidable of Islam. We pray that the soul of Alhagie Abdul Wahab Jabbie and those Muslims who died before him to enjoy Eternal Peace.


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