Ex-Junta Leaders Are Cold-blooded Murderers

Neither Sanna Sabally nor his council buddies can win over a probing mind like mine. They simply are all cold blooded murderers. As Chairman Ceesay of the Truth Commission made a heads up about the fate of that alleged “notepad in Basiru’s chest pocket”, that Sanna claimed to have been handed over to former National Intelligence Agency boss Daba Marena – who is again another victim of the criminal regime, the veracity of that 11 November coup plot will remain shrouded without such a material piece evidence. The November 11 coup could have been a booby-trap like or exactly the one Sanna and Basiru themselves fell in at Statehouse. Traps that lure perceived enemies into summary executions or unlawful arrests!

By the way, only idiots did believe in a word from the shape of Jammeh’s twisted snout from that day he claimed to have wrestled and beaten Sanna in his office. Every sensible Gambian should have reasoned for him or herself – why he got that lucky dealing with Sanna alone when Basiru should have been somewhere near? It was that simple therefore; Sanna told Basiru, “I’ll go to Jammeh’s office tomorrow and arrest him. You don’t need to be exactly there. I’ll call you later when I’ve arrested him and hidden him under the presidential office desk. Just walk your way through the State House gate and inform guards that Yahya Jammeh is no more and they (the guards) need not worry themselves for it is yet another new dawn. Dip your hands in your pockets and shower them with sweets to keep them calm”. Eh!, doesn’t it sound the best coup plot ever?? The average Gambian up till now, doesn’t seem to ever cease a bit from being gullible and over simplistic in buying every tale that is capable of arousing their emotions. Ndeysaan waay, degalah waay! Toonyalomu waay, Keekendolomu, Afatiyaatale baakeh!

Yahya Jammeh, Edward Singateh, Yakuba Touray and Peter Singateh all shouldn’t be told to come and testify. Yahya Jammeh shouldn’t be left another month more in his Obiang rat hole in Equatorial Guinea.



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