My Take On Sabally’s TRRC Testimony

Not only Yahya, but all those within the same category must be held accountable. The crocodile tears Sanna was shedding yesterday should not mean any thing to any body. I was surprised that even Council Faal played along with Sanna’s ball game.

Here is a man who ordered and participated in the extrajudicial killing of Gambians. When narrating those events, his eyes were as widely open as the foul mouth he was using to narrate the stories and they were as white as the shining sun. Even when asked simple questions that would require a frank but sensitive answer, the murderer will give a respond that saw no remorse in what he has done. And yet, some people are interpreting this wickedness and insensitivity towards the victims and their families as bravery.

Nevertheless, when he was narrating his own ordeal under similar fellow murder in arms, Alhagie Martin, he was sobbing like an innocent toddler. This was purposely to draw public sympathy towards him and forgive him his crimes. All his (Sanna’s) performance has proved that he is a wicked coward and that he is far from the reformed innocent brave hero he wants Gambians to take him for.

Yes he has apologized to all Gambians, but before I, for one, consider his apology, he must saw remorse and promise never to do it again.. His apology lacks those two. He was drunk with power and he only became sober when that power was taken away from him. The way he was responding to the questions at the TRRC is an indication that he will revert back to the Killer-Sanna he was between July 1994 and January 1995 if he has the power. The people he has been praising yesterday should be on the alert. The killer is looking for a way back into the Gambian society with a position or membership in a political party. He has a right to that. But the people he maltreated also have a right and only they can forgive him for that maltreatment. No one else can forgive him on their behalf, especially if it is against their will.

He is welcome back to The Gambia as a Gambian. That however, should not be interpreted that he is forgiven. Now those he has offended know his weak points. As he puts it, what goes around, comes around..

The CHICKENS are coming home for rusting.



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  1. They,the perpetrators from July 1994 to January 2017 should be banned from all political activities.
    Like being banned over-peace by a court litigation. Who in their right minds would entrust key positions to such characters?
    They have betrayed the trust of the people, manipulate and plundered the country’s limited resources, abused human rights and dignity and all in a manner that is beyond comprehension.
    Only the truth and justice can safe us from the effects of the past two decades. They tried to sow the seeds of hatred with the strategy of divide and rule through tribalism, the culture of silence and materialism. Indeed the spontaniety of the July 1994 political upheaval have tried to root out the democratic proceedure that led us to independence….that can never be overlooked.