Africa’s Blowing Wind Of Change

The wind of change in Africa is blowing. Anyone who thinks can stop this wind of change must be deluded. The wind probably started in the Gambia through Algeria and now in Sudan. Although circumstances, variables and factors may be different, one common denominator seems to be peoples power. In the Gambia, change was effected through a democratically contested election on one hand. In Algeria and the Sudan both Presidents were respectively booted out through a mass popular demonstration. The case of Sudan is interesting. I remember being in Sudan when the civilian Government of Mahdi was removed by AlBashir in 1989. The latter took the country back economically and politically. Since then the country has witnessed economic decline and high inflation. The quality of life became unbearable, while the elite plundered the state resources. Politically, political opponents were imprisoned and silenced. Freedoms and human rights curtailed. The country now divided into two : South and North. The war in Darfur and serious human rights violations. Thanks to the recent mass demonstrations and protests forcing the army to intervene and stand on the side of the Sudanese people. Now they are talking about transition for 2 years. Here the history is repeating itself. It was Gen3 Suwar Dhaba who took over power in 1980s but stepped down within a year to allow for a civilian government led by Sadiq Mahdi.
Indeed, days of dictatorship are fading by in Africa slowly but surely. Is this Pax Africana!

Alhagi Manta Drammeh


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