What The TRRC Confirms

The TRRC has yet revealed and confirmed what commentators have been saying and writing that the security service of the Gambia and particularly the Military is fragile for many reasons:

  1. The main highlight whether we like it or not the military has been largely indiscplined and unprofessional
  2. The army and the security service has generally been personalised
  3. The army has been filled with the uneducated and under trained who were largely school dropouts unfortunately
  4. Recruitment has not been done properly and effectively in order to create a modern army
  5. Army promotion was on the basis of tribal and party loyalty or affiliation

Going forward The Gambia needs a modernised army as in other countries that is capable of protecting both the people and the county. This requires a quick and comprehensive overhaul of the security sector across the board. The army has to be professional and disciplined through continuous education and professional development. The army should be educated in all fields in order it can be truly national and professional (GNA). Education creates civility and humility. The army should play civilian roles like agriculture, engineering, medical assistance and so on. Soldiers should not be feared but be seen as part of the bigger society and of course under civilian authority. This can only happen if they are allowed to be educated in many things including particularly human rights, civilian military relations and international humanitarian law.

Thanks and may Allah bless the Gambia

Alhagi Manta Drammeh


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