Dear President Barrow,

Please allow me to use this opportunity to extend my profound thanks and appreciation to you and your entire government for the giant stride that you take in the development initiatives of Mother Gambia. This is particularly evident in the various high profile projects that your government have either completed or embarked upon, ranging from democratic dispensation and good governance, various Commissions, telecommunication, electricity, road and bridge constructions to name but a few. These are indeed no mean achievements but indelible achievements that must be commended. Thus thank you for a job well done and more grease to your elbows as there is always room for improvement in national development. Your Excellency, on behalf of the North Bank Region and on my own humble behalf, I wish to draw the urgent attention of your high office to the deteriorating conditions of the Kerewan-Barra main road. The road linking Barra to Kerewan, the Head Quarters of the North Bank Region, is currently in a very poor, dangerous and risky condition. This road has been spasmodically peeled off in various interval distances, making it extremely difficult, dangerous and scary to travel on. It is the major highway linking the whole of North Bank Region, in that from Kerewan the road continues all the way to Farafenni. The importance of this main road in our national development cannot be overemphasized and hence needs urgent maintenance before its condition goes from bad to worse, if not even to a death-trap. I therefore fervently plead with your high office to kindly look into the urgent maintenance of the Kerewan-Barra highway before the raining seasoning commences and jeopardise, the whole Region. On behalf of the people of the North Bank Region and on my own humble behalf, I thank you in advance, your Excellency, for your continued leadership and development initiatives. May Allah SWT continue to guide and protect your government in its leadership and development undertaking.

Alh Yahya Ceesay

Greenwich, London



  1. Yaya Ceesay , you are just fabricating imaginary achievements for President Barrow . The man has not achieved or completed any project since he was installed in statehouse . He is either sleeping or when he awake up he thinks about his wife foundation and youth movement. Good governance which you highlighted as Barrow’s achievement is not true . Good governance / freedom of speech in the country is collective effort of citizens who defeated dictatorship and installed Barrow as a transitional leader . President Barrow lack intelligence and vision to move the country forward. Stop praising Barrow and be honest with your contribution. The 35 million Dalasis that was stolen from the First Lady foundation could have been used for road maintenance along kerewan and farafenni. This is what you and President Barrow’s supporters needs to tell us. President Barrow is disappointment because he is dining with killers and former corrupt officials from Jammeh’s regime.

    • It is sad that the people who have been portraying President Barrow as “their own” and not “Gambia’s” and claiming that they are the ones who “puts him in power” and not the Gambian people are now aiming their imaginary useless guns at him.
      Before HE Barrow explains anything, the Darboe, Sanneh and Dibba should explain
      1. the the fuss surrounding the cash that Sanneh displayed in his office and call us, staff of the Ministry, to witness the presentation of a gift from an anonymous philanthropist. He should also explain the bags of cash he hide before making the presentation.
      2. The awarding of Audit contracts to A & A audit firm, a firm that is known for auditing big companies and issuing them Audit Reports within a day or two.
      3. The relationship between Sigos-Kodram, FAR, Amie Bensouda and Co etc and the UDP,
      4. The undiplomatic agents appointed in the Gambian Embassies as Diplomats

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