Re: What’s The Way Forward For UDP?

Quote: “In a UDP led government focus will be given to youth employment, argriculture, economy, health care, education, and information technology as the world is more and more connected golobally.”

Very noble ambitions and the areas you mentioned are where focus is needed. As the most likely party to form the next government, can you take time to answer a few questions?

  1. How would you address the chronic and worsening “UNEMPLOYMENT” crisis facing the country?

  2. What strategies would you adopt to address the underdeveloped, under-utilised and mismanaged agriculture sector?

  3. What about the chronic trade deficits and the massive indebtedness. How do you plan to reverse this trend?

Already, we are at another stage of “DEBT STRESS”, meaning we have become risky and unattractive to lenders again, thus likelihood of attracting higher interest on loans.

Now is the time to tell us, rather than wait until you become the UDP led government. What would you (UDP Government) do differently, if any, from Jawara and Jammeh to achieve the results you are promising the nation?



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