Why I Disagree With Lawyer Darbo

By Saul Drammeh

Stop fooling yourself Mr Lamin J Darbo. Your article is just not fit for the common man, this is why people just can’t read articles like this. Long, full of personal opinions. Hey, just tell us if the president has no legal rights under the Gambian Constitution to appoint a nominated member of Parliament and subsequently fire a nominated member of Parliament. I won’t bother myself reading your article, because you are a sympathizer. Most people in this country are not educated and for that being the case, they rely on people like us to lead and mislead them, so let’s stop party politics and steer our country into common national interest, national security. Since Independence from Britain, the Gambian has endured nothing but misrepresentation, corruption, and human rights abuse. So! Let’s put pressure on our government to deliver national security, national interest and provide free education, health care and more affordable housing, water, electricity and internet. My friend, the Gambia has a proven natural resources, Gas and Oil. Yet! We’re are not focusing on that issue and put forward recommendations on how our proven natural resources should be spent fairly and equally. But we are all still a fool to keep fighting tribal politics and not focusing on other key issues, like poor health care, and poor education, lack of proper care for our pensioner’s, poor water and electricity supply.

My friend, it still saddened me to see how our media outlets are all turning to deaf ears to many problems we are facing since gaining Independence, instead of focusing on issues that are only favorable to the elites and not to the general public. So please write another article highlighting how our proven natural resources should be managed and spent, because we still don’t have enough information from the Gambia government on these proven natural resources. For me I am more interested in matters such as national security, national interest and these proven oil and gas the Gambia has. So It makes me stupid to see that we are focusing on the wrong issues, wasting public resources, wasting valuable time on things that are no longer public interest.

Let’s put pressure on our government to deliver promises from their coalition manifesto, rather than honourable Jaiteh’s case, how many civil servants were wrongfully dismissed without proper legal scrutiny, public outcry, victims of human rights abuses are still not compensated, perpetuators are still free, national commission of enquiry still running, no report or regcommedation from the judge, and these fool MPs are not pushing on key sensitive issues in Parliament to ensure that we don’t face such brutality, and misrepresentation in the past. See! I am tired of these problems in the Gambia. So until we change our minds and attitudes, we will see little or no change in our country, government and in our communities, we are not investing into our children’s welfare, their education and their development, free health care, affordable and constant supply of clean water and electricity supply, good transport networks, national security, and national developments and that’s what we should worry and delivered as a key fundamental issue. I can’t go on anymore.



  1. Seriously Mr. Drammeh! What exactly are you trying to say here? So, you can’t even read or wouldn’t read what the erudite legal luminary wrote, but you see nothing wrong with thrashing him anyway for not focusing on the ‘oil and gas’ we have? What is hard about reading a 3 page article? More, how can a country with self-described ‘stupid’ people like yourself manage its natural resources to take care of the problems you highlight? Hasn’t the experience of African countries like DRC, Nigeria, Gabon, Angola, etc taught you anything?

    You don’t need to agree with L.J. Darbo to see the wisdom in his article. More importantly, you need to find out the difference between established facts (as REFERENCED by Darbo,) and an ‘opinion’. Somebody is quoting you verbatim what various judges and Statesmen said in situations similar to our current one, but you want us to dismiss that as an ‘opinion’? Do you understand the danger of accepting or tolerating falsity and or injustice because of expedience? Think back to Gambian national reality only 3 years ago! If we all adopt your attitude, we’ll find ourselves in the same jam soon enough. And it will be your exact type who’ll blame ‘intellectuals’ for failing the Gambia. But don’t mind me. Sally on with this madness.

    Thanks for confirming for us how really expensive ignorance is!

  2. Mr. Drammeh, I expected a thorough rebuttal of a legal standpoint rather than a generalized “how many civil servants were dismissed” primary school argument. Mr. Drammeh you are a enabler who would also have dismissed Solo Sandeng’s killing by saying ‘ let’s move on how! many Gambian died in police custody”.
    If you cannot argue on point merits spare yourself and continue your dictatorship enabling mindset.
    At hand is a resistance against the president removing a sitting lawmaker. Nobody is objecting to the dismissal of Hon. Darboe and co. for it is abundantly clear that this political positions are not protected by the prevailing constitution. And they are in the executive branch whereas a lawmaker is protected by the “separation of powers” clause of any democratic political dispensation.