My Takeawy From Kanyi’s Testimony

As I watched the TRRC this morning with sadness, anger and totally immersed in my own emotions, I was left with a couple of things as a takaway: Alhaji Kanyi is an evil person, a killer, a sadist, and a murderer and had admitted to it; but we still have folks among us who supported the APRC regime and continue to support them up to this day, and frankly in my book are worse than Kanyi. The other takeaway was the people that were murdered at Yundum Barracks and at Njambai [forest], even though sometimes we peddled into separating ourselves into tribes, region, and cosmetic differences but on that awful day, those differences were not determinant of who got killed or spared.

The lesson learned is that we are all together as Gambians, and the only differences are some of us are evil people and others are good Gambians and together we can eventually make this country a greater and better place for generations to come. Basiru Barrow was murdered and being a Jarranka did not spare him, in fact, was murdered by his own family; Dot Faal was not spared either and his own people participated in his murder, and the last time I checked the people from his own village of Balangharr worked for and supported the APRC evil regime. Again the intent is not to bring the tribal or regional card, but in times like this, we need to remind each other what is really important if we are to save our country.

Sleep tight Ousman Koro Ceesay, at least now we have the closure that you are in Firdausi with your Mom and Dad.

Thank God for the TRRC

Musa Jeng


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