My Dozen Wishes For The Gambia In 2019

  1. I wish President Barrow will focus on development efforts more in line with the Lamenkoto-Passamace road project. Both Kiang and Nuimi -especially, are in DESPERATE need of similar projects.

  2. I wish President Barrow will shun the court jesters around him who are pushing him into unnecessary and diversionary things like fights with his erstwhile comrades in their obsession with the next election, not the fierce urgency of addressing problems currently bedeviling the Gambian majority.

  3. I wish President Barrow will push aggressively to get healthy Gambian youth (including Backway Returnees) back to the farms with modern farming equipment THIS YEAR having missed two rainy seasons already. The ‘Jammeh tractors’ can be loaned to the youth at concessionary rates to boost agricultural production.

  4. I wish President Barrow will demand solutions to the shameful phenomenon of having 98% of Gambian High Schoolers fail to pass 4 or more Subjects in their WASSCE.

  5. I wish President Barrow will liaise with European countries that are host to approximately 100K Gambian youth to help us train the youth in two-year vocational programs ranging from road and building construction to carpentry, plumbing, welding, auto-mechanics, refrigeration and Cooling, solar panel installation, cosmetics, landscaping, electrical engineering, and agro-processing (I first suggested this nearly two years ago.) We lack the capacity to do any of these and having a large idle youth population is a timed bomb. Failing such initiative, government should aggressively train hundreds of youth in the listed areas and more in 2019 to give them meaningful lives.

  6. I wish President Barrow will summon the courage to stem the tide of migration into Gambia until government figures out what to do with those already in the country.

  7. I wish President Barrow will summon the courage to resist French manipulation through Senegal to make the Gambia another neocolonial African State.

  8. I wish President Barrow will summon the courage to remove unqualified personnel and Jammeh cells in our Security and Civil services. Thus initiate or accelerate needed Institutional and Electoral Reforms!

  9. I wish it won’t get so dark that President Barrow forgets the road to Yesterday Street where sickly and aggrieved former Freedom fighters live.

  10. I wish President Barrow will deliberately and frequently try to escape the bubble around him so he can learn firsthand what regular Gambians are saying besides the Single Stories he gets fed.

  11. I wish President Barrow will realize the sanctity of honor and resist the temptation to give in to delusions of grandeur and invincibility that have destroyed so many leaders in history.

  12. I wish President Barrow will never forget that the important job of President is merely a means  to an end, NOT an end in itself.

My regards and best wishes to President Barrow and the Gambian nation. Happy Toubabo Year 2019!

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  1. Saul ,
    You pointed very important areas of development but unfortunately this president is surrounded by clueless people who are pushing him to commit political suicide. Mr Barrow is more focus on next election than getting things done for the Gambian people. He seem to careless about the country’s future because he spend too much time on political fight with perceived opponents of next presidential election. Presiden Barrow is following the foot steps of Dictator Yaya Jammeh. Jammeh’s suffered from material obsessive personality disorder which is affecting President Barrow too . The media also need to hold Barrow accountable to Gambian people because that would benefit everyone including journalists. But if journalists are in bed with Barrow then they would not be able to speak the truth. We must remember that journalists are key to our democracy . The current political climate is so toxic that Barrow is a threat to our national security. He need to resign at the end of five years. Resignation of Barrow would be best thing for him and the country.

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