Open Letter To President Barrow And VP Darboe

Dear Your Excellences, President Barrow and VP Darboe. I am sure you two know very well than I do, that you have lot a more in ‘common’ to keep you together in the best interest of The Gambia and her good people, than the frail indifferences that wants to divide you to the detriment of our dear nation. Obvious to me amongst the former, is the UDP party itself, for which you both worked so hard during its formative hard days and together you developed, nurtured and maintained its unity against all odds, particularly the characteristic tendencies of brutality and decoy tactics of dictatorship. Second, is Mother Gambia and her peace loving people, whom you both claim to have at heart, and of course, your hatred of dictatorship and commitment to the tenets of democracy and social justice, which you both so cherished. These are but a few of your ‘common terms’. These said ‘terms’ in my opinion, are so important and valuable if not sacrosanct, to be compromised for any myopic self-indulgent political bickering that is masterminded by your former foes and enemies of progress, just to undermine your enviable relationship. Please, say no, and stick together. Don’t allow the wolf in sheep’s clothing wedge to implant malice between you.

The two of you (HE Barrow and Hon Darboe) together under the amicable umbrella of the UDP, would no doubt enhance The Gambia’s way forward and brilliantly deliver success in our nation’s socio-economic and political development. It would be no hyperbole to allude to the fact that although the humble are many in The Gambia but having as many of them under one political party as the UDP, is unprecedented and worth relishing. I mean the Adama Barrows, Ousainou Darboes, Aji Yam Seckas, Dembo Bojangs, Amadou Sannehs and the likes, portrays a deep fountain of humility and modesty worth admiring to a high standard. Therefore, let no fallacious logic of the sanctimonious ignorant political opportunists mislead any die-heart UDP into thinking that he/she is more important or bigger than his/her political provenance. Recently, your party, the UDP, has unequivocally stated its intent way forward and we the ordinary Gambians are listening with care, interest and adoration.

Your Excellency, Mr President, your recent advice to the people of Bansang on the need and importance of unity was indeed no mere political statement but rather a true and prudent counsel. It is therefore in the same vein and wisdom that you, Lawyer Darboe and all genuine UDP membership must preach unity and pay a deaf ear to the malicious instigators who are hell-bent on sowing the toxic seed of self-aggrandisement and discord in the UDP, the vibrant party of the people. As the saying goes, united we stand and divided we fall, therefore, make no mistake, no matter how intense the battle may be, the lion-hearted ordinary people of this great party (UDP) would always prevail, come rain or shine. Obviously it was the UDP who led the coalition of the willing to rescue our country from the talons of tyranny and the same UDP staying together, by all indications has the potential to successfully propel the Gambia to her promised land. The task ahead in our nation building is phenomenal and demands your (UDP) unity and commitment against the undesirable strange political osmosis and daunting dogmatic acrimony that can only benefit the UDP adversaries to the detriment of ordinary Gambian.

Your excellences, Mr President and Mr Vice President, on behalf of the ordinary people of the Gambia and on my own humble behalf, I wholeheartedly urge you to please hold fast to the UDP, Gambia’s ANC if Darboe is akin to the late Mandela, and guide our nation to its long overdue socio-economic development and success. After all you have already set the development-ball rolling and a UDP unity and allegiance will inevitably see Gambia go places, hence please take heed.

Alh Yahya Ceesay
Greenwich, London


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